Strategic Reflections payment

Has anyone heard from them about payment on February shops? I called and was told they usually mailed out checks on the 9th but I haven't seen an email that usually tells me. I find them to be easy shops but I dislike how they don't like telling you when they will send payment! It seems evasive at times when you ask. Just me I guess but I feel like they shouldn't have a problem divulging that information.

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Over the years I've gotten an e-mail advising that checks were mailed between the 7th and 12th of the month and they were in payment of shops done two months earlier. I did no shops for them in February so I didn't receive an e-mail or a phone call this month on payment and am not sure what day they went out.

I've always been surprised that they e-mail to let shoppers know the checks have been mailed out. I've always thought it's really nice that they do that and unusual. Most of the companies I work for just mail payments out with no notice. If they are Sassie companies, the date is captured in the Shop Log. But otherwise I usually just get the check when I get my mail.
I just find it odd that whenever I chdck with other companies they give me a date and Strategic never does. They just say oh about this . I don't like who does their processing but that doesn't sound like good business.
You sound like you were asking a different question than I thought. You probably have more basis for comparison than I do. It sounds as though you call each of your companies each month and ask when their checks were mailed out. You are comparing the responses you get when you call. Some companies immediately apparently tell you when they mailed checks out and others aren't as open with the information.

I never contact a company to ask them when their checks were mailed out unless payment is at least two weeks later than their stated payment terms. And if a company doesn't pay according to their stated payment terms and I have to call them to see where payment is, I give them one more chance. If I'm forced to call them a second time because they haven't paid, they go on my "don't-for-work" list. I make few phone calls. I figure I earned the money they owe me by doing/reporting the shop. I shouldn't have to spend time chasing my payment. I certainly wouldn't chase my payment when it isn't even overdue.
Actually I don't generally call. This is the only one I have called because generally the others post payment information when sent or send it out on a specific date and note it on the profile payment section. This is the only one I have called in the last year and it's because they don't give out specific dates for payment nor do they note it on the profile- if they do I have not been able to find it. I like the short surveys but I also like getting paid promptly and not guessing when I might get a check in the mail. Again it's just my feeling about it.
I got an e-mail from them yesterday or today saying checks were mailed out for the February shops.
You guys aren't the only one I got an email saying that they send out a check on 4/11. Its May 2nd now!!!!!! Im waiting and waiting this is ridiculous. And when you try to talk with them there not understanding. Has anyone received that check from February?
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