Don't waste your time with Ritter Associates

I spent about 2 hours completing a survey for this company (and purchased an item which I don't get reimbursed for) in order to get paid $8. Except, that my thorough survey was rejected because I was missing a picture. A picture of a downright frightening bathroom on the back side of an equally frightening gas station. I didn't stick around for the picture as I was genuinely afraid for my safety. There were no lights or anything in working order. The lesson I took from this, report everything as all fine and good, so you don't have to waste your time, and get paid. Or just stay away, they seem like a scam when they find any way possible not to pay someone.

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Why on Earth would it take you two hours to complete a Ritter report? They have some of the easiest reports although most of their shops are low paying.

And why on Earth are you surprised at a rejected report when you did not submit the required photo? If you were in fear for your life, you should have left the location right away and contacted your scheduler. They could have removed the shop from your shop log and given another shopper the opportunity to complete it properly.
How could you evaluate the restroom as being frightening and not simply take a photo at the same time? What was there to stick around for?
My personal safety is something I take VERY serious. If I were in fear of my life, I would not have stuck around to go into a bathroom. I would have called the company and had them reassign the shop to someone else, explaining that I was afraid and I could not properly complete the assignment.

If I attempted to complete the assignment, I would complete it fully or I would not expect to be paid. If I had stuck around and entered the bathroom, it couldn't have been too scary. And, once in the bathroom, why not take the required photo?

Once you get over the shock and annoyance that you have completed a shop incorrectly and are not getting paid, I hope you can take responsibility for the mistake rather than blaming the company. I'm hoping you are just posting angrily when you say "The lesson I took from this, report everything as all fine and good, so you don't have to waste your time, and get paid. Or just stay away, they seem like a scam when they find any way possible not to pay someone."

It that's really the lesson you took, you are kidding yourself. Wearing a blindfold and blaming the company for your mistake is not doing yourself any favors. Take responsibility for your mistakes and use it as a learning opportunity.
If what you posted here reflects your general competence, then shoppers like you are why the shopping companies and clients struggle so much with the process.

Trolling is not going to help you become a better shopper.

My posts are solely based on my opinions and for my entertainment, contact a professional if you need real advice.

When you get in debt you become a slave. - Andrew Jackson
Michelle I understand your frustration and can't help but think you are a relatively new shopper. Once you have more shops under your belt you will come to realize that if you don't complete the shop as expected then you won't get paid regardless of the situation. There are just a few exceptions. I also was at a location once where I didn't feel safe so I left and notified the scheduler. I did not expect to get paid for a minute. Also it won't take you so long to do reports. The Ritter reports are relatively fast for an experience shopper. Having said all that, I generally don't do Ritter shops unless they get highly bonused as their fees are ridiculously low and as you say, you have to buy an item and not get reimbursed for it. I'm not sure how they manage to get shoppers to do their assignments each month.

Finally, it's very common for brand new forum members to come onto the forum and trash an otherwise reputable company on their very first post. I think you'll find that's why other members are objecting to your post.
I have performed several Ritter shops when the fees have increased. The ones I perform do reimburse up to $1.00 for a small purchase. I buy a fresh banana or apple at $0.99 or a small bottle of water for $1.09.
You didn't complete the shop. That is why your weren't paid. They did not have to look for an excuse not to pay you. Ritter is highly reputable and not a rip-off. They always pay me when I complete the shop requirements and submit the report on time.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
I have shopped for Ritter for 4 years, (not heavily shopping them) but still, they have been good to me smiling smiley
I went to complete a gas station audit today. I purchased the gas and even made the inside purchase prior to deciding to leave because I felt unsafe. I then called the MSC and explained what happened. While I understand that they cannot pay me, obviously because I did not complete the shop, the even bigger picture is that I left a possibly unsafe situation.

You should never complete a shop if you feel unsafe. And as far as Ritter goes, they have been 100% professional and understanding in all of my dealings with them and I believe they are one of the top MSCs. As a matter of fact, I conducted a shop for them a few weeks ago at an unsafe location. They rescheduled the shop for me, when I was unable to conduct the shop alone, and allowed me to bring my husband so that I could fulfill my end of our agreement.
Sorry to hear about your terrible experience, however I have done several shops for Ritter and have always been paid and on time. If I ever had a problem I could contact my scheduler and she was very nice about working it out for me. Maybe you could try another shop with them to see if you have a better experience.
Michelle, I hope you didn't really expect to receive any sympathy or empathy from your post. This was clearly your fault. Bad-mouthing MSC's with no cause has driven at least one valued member away from this forum. And I would much rather be reading her input then your blathering.
Chalk it up to experience and do another one. The important thing is to learn from it. As has been pointed out, it's not the MSC's fault you didn't get paid. Better luck next time!
I once cancelled a shop....before I accepted it just said i would be shopping a competitor of a store in a suburban turns out the competitor is what is in the middle of what is locally known as a war would be even less safe for people not from that neighborhood....if you don't feel safe in a neighborhood...don't accept a job...if you feel its unsafe once you get there....discontinue...notify the can ask if they still want the rest of the report..but that is unlikely.

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Ritter does not know the condition or surroundings of that shop, as most MSC's who have shops out of their home area and state. But as everyone else has stated, they are a good and fair company. They are professional and would welcome your concerns. I have taken a route of those gas stations in the past and as I crept into areas that were getting worse, I have felt the same way and people would look at me like I did not belong there. And those bathrooms were disgusting and scary, too. But I just get in there, hold my breath, literally, take the photos and get out with a look on my face to ward off those hanging around for trouble. But if I felt I could not even do that, I would have to eat that shop fee.
Here is the lesson that you should take from this thread: Make sure that you complete all tasks that are required for the assignment. We have to assume (regardless whether or not it makes sense to us) that every requirement is there for a reason; and must make sure that they are all completed. If not the client may not accept the report, and the MSC will not pay you.
Ritter is a great company. I was unable to do a shop because of my circumstances and they emailed me back and gave their condolences and told me to come back whenever I was ready.
I admit that I'm not a fan of Ritter. They rejected a report for what I felt (and still feel) was absurd.

That being said, I understand why they rejected the OP's report.
They have a grocery store shop in my area. It's better than when another MSC had it. I will take it over and over and over again.

For michelle, schedulers can help if they know what happened, in my opinion. Call as soon as you find that you were unable to perform all aspects of your visit rather than submitting an incomplete report. Also, it's okay to be selective which locations you accept.
Another slam and run noob thread tagged by @MelanieOR and her presumably drunken and ultimately redacted posts. Nothing to see here.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
@Hoju wrote:

Another slam and run noob thread tagged by @MelanieOR and her presumably drunken and ultimately redacted posts. Nothing to see here.

Time for us to toggle this troll. Does she not have a life?
Ritter is one of my favorites, always pay on time and easy reports.

Willing to travel, Alberta, Canada
@Phoebe70 wrote:

@Hoju wrote:

Another slam and run noob thread tagged by @MelanieOR and her presumably drunken and ultimately redacted posts. Nothing to see here.

Time for us to toggle this troll. Does she not have a life?

Posting and deleting all text in the post within hours of posting is annoying. Posters who make a habit of doing so are definitely good candidatstobe toggled. Why bother to post?
Personally, I find "her presumably drunken and ultimately redacted posts" and labeling a member "a troll" for no justifiable reason, more bothersome than the member deleting her posts.

I don't believe any of us know exactly why @MelanieOR frequently deletes her posts, except that she does. If her sole purpose was to annoy the forum members, she certainly could have found a more expeditious way! Could it be something more personal?

If I was truly bothered by her penchant for deletion, I would maybe send MelanieOR a PM, inquiring why she does this and sharing my feelings about when she does. If I didn't think that was appropriate or something I wanted to invest in, I would probably do as AM suggested and just toggle her posts and move on.

Just my honest opinion....


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Here's a thought on this that has nothing to do with any particular MSC. Know the area that you are shopping and simply do not accept shops in areas that you feel the least bit unsafe.

I'm in Jacksonville Florida and there are many zip codes within the city that I WILL NOT do any sort of shop. The MSC or the money have no bearing whatsoever.
I have always loved Ritter. They have never been anything but helpful to me. I can find one piece of candy for 5-10 cents at the shops where there is no purchase reimbursement . I do feel silly having to ask for a receipt!
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