Does Data Quest pay on time?

I did some shops for data quest in mid-February. I thought they took up to 60 days to pay. It is just past the 60 day point and I don't see anything with my shops that payment has been sent like most shops do. I am also signed up to be paid by paypal with them if that makes a difference. Thanks.

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Are you sure that they pay by PayPal? I have worked for them for years and they have always paid by check. The quickest I've been paid is 54 days; the longest is 80 days.
The only issue that I had with them is they overpaid me. They did not even know it, I had to bring it to their attention. I ended up sending them back their over payment. All it cost me was a stamp. smiling smiley

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Define "slow payer."

Do you mean their payment terms are "slower" than other companies? I find the average company tends to pay towards the end of the following month, which could be as few as 3 weeks and as long as 2 months. By that standard Dataquest is slightly slower than most but not significantly so.

Do you mean they pay slower than their payment terms? Entirely different thing, although the 8-10 shops I've done for them have all been paid almost exactly at 60 days.

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@MSNinja wrote:

what kind of shops does this co do? 60 or more days seems like a long time.

That's the problem, they do parking, bar, and restaurant integrity audits that you are supposed to pay cash! Then wait.
I think you read the message incorrectly. The issue the poster had was that the poster was being required to pay cash when she was in the bar, restaurant, etc., and then had to wait a long time for the MSC to reimburse her.

You are right. You should never be paying anyone in order to get an assignment. There are a few rare exceptions apparently (tickets to sporting events where you have to send the MSC a deposit for the tickets), but they are rare cases.
@MSNinja wrote:

pay cash? i thought we werent supposed to pay for shopping.

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I received my checks this weekend in the mail. Definitely one of the slower payers with 60+ days, but I love the shops the offer. Thanks all.
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