Mystery Shoppers Inc. ??

Does anyone have experience to share with this MSC: Mystery Shoppers Inc. ? [] I did a search here for exact phrase and it pulled nothing. How easy are their reports? How is the pay turnaround? TIA.

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Many companies have very similar names. To be absolutely certain you get feedback on the correct company, it would be helpful if you provide a link to the company's website.
There is a link (at least now) to the website in the OP's message.

They are listed in the "Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies" at the bottom of this page. There are 11 discussion threads dealing with this company. A quick look leads me to believe that they are a real company, with some complaints about slow payment. []

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I just completed an apartment shop for them this month. I thought it was easy, im supposed to get paid on tuesday via paypal and it does say payment pending.
@LGRM, I find using the google search returns better / more results than just the forum search.
I have shopped with them for years. Straightforward guidelines and reports. Detailed comments are preferred, and will help you land assignments. Pay is as per stated terms.
Yes its check, not paypal sorry guys said the wrong thing. But I got my check may 1st for a shop that I did on april 9th. So payment is pretty quick smiling smiley
Hmm. The application indicated I could select Paypal using the same email as my registration. Well, we'll see. i did two shops within a week. Thanks, folks!
I work for this company regularly. The shop I do is easy enough with a little narrative needed. The scheduler I deal with is very pleasant and accomodating and gets back to you promptly, most of the time. I've been shopping with them for years so maybe they are used to me and I am used to them as far as expectations go. The only thing that stinks is the payment is slow..... If I do a shop in April, the payment will be disbursed the last day of the following month. The only reason why it's not that big of a deal to me is because the particular shop I do for them doesn't require me to lay out money..... I receive a paper check from them but I think I will check their site to see about PayPal .
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