Does Grass Roots America Still Owe You Money?

The Grass Roots Group recently closed their Grass Roots America division.

Please report whether they owe you money in this thread, as well as payments they've sent you.

Thank you!

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Yes they owe me for 12 shops performed in March 2015. Total - $240. I hope and pray they pay everyone they owe.
I have a Visa card that is not working and I tried contacting them even before they closed. I have no idea how much is on it. I think it may just be $5 but it is the principle!!
We are still owed a gift card for literally the worst dining experience of our lives... and we are not that picky.
@cheryljane wrote:

Yes they owe me for 12 shops performed in March 2015. Total - $240. I hope and pray they pay everyone they owe.

This is horrible! I hope you get paid smiling smiley
Yep. They owe me for three shops (two restaurants and one retail) over $150. So upset.....
I'm owed for 3 shops completed the beginning of March. Since shoppers did the work and submitted the report, and since the parent company is still in operation, I see no reason why they shouldn't be forced to pay their shoppers.
Did they have an office in the US?

I recently submitted a consumer complaint on BBB (not MS related) and noticed there is a choice for one business to file a complaint against another.
Grass Roots Measurements Company owes me $40.00 for two shops I did at $20.00 each. I thought something was suspicious when they said to shop an establishment during hours when the business was not open. At the beginning they called me and wanted me to shop a upscale restaurant with a guest and get paid with only a discount coupon to come back to the same establishment. The coupon was supposed to be $50.00 and the restaurant bill would have been about $70.00 each time taking a guest. You would not get paid for the first visit to the restaurant as the coupon was only toward a second visit to the restaurant. I closed my Grass Roots Visa card, after they downloaded my only payment with the company where I had done one shop. I tried to use the Visa card later after my second two shops and it was overdrawn. The Visa representative already knew about the Grass Roots situation and she closed the Visa card to be safe from any one putting a charge on it.
The squeaky wheel gets the oil. I will be paid and I pray we all do. I also pray for all those who have been harmed by this unfortunate closure. I hope Grass Root employees got paid!
I did a restaurant shop on the last day of March. I am owed a $50 gift card for the restaurant.
Received GC for March shop earlier than usual in April. I am owed $45 to my debit card for a March restaurant shop.
They owe me money for a March shop. Can not get any response from them. They let me take a shop after they knew they were closing. Not right!
I really don't believe the schedulers knew. I had two schedulers quit within a short time so that could have been a red flag? I will continue to contact and demand as we all should. The $240 is NOT clear profit as I had to drive to the location and pay for the meals!!!
I am owed $80 for a meal from March on my debit card. I got food poisoning at the location too. It was a horrible experience and now I don't get paid !!!
Yes; I am owed $25 on the pre-paid VISA card they issued to me when I first started working with them as well as a restaurant chain gift card. My attempts to contact them have not been responded to.
Keep contacting - and that includes the client. The money came from them and was filtered to us via Grass Roots!!!
You know what I didnt want to contact the client for the jobs that i completed but I am starting to get really angry at this point. I am owed $240 for four shops completed in march three on 3/7 and one on 3/22. I will be sending the client an email today and letting them know about what has gone on. I really hate to out myself but I want to do everything I possibly can to be paid what I am owed.
Out of curiosity - are you guys saying that the money that they had already loaded on to the cards as payment they have revoked? Wouldn't that be theft of fraud if they did so?
Yes, they owe me $100, for 2 assignments. The payments are past due. They do not answer their phone. It is not posssible to leave a message. Please help! Thanks!
Doug I sent you an email. However - as I have said the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Contact the Florida Attorney General and be prepared to provide documents. I have receipts as well as bank statements with debits for the shops. I would also contact the NY office and let them know you are not going away. I know I am not.
I am owed $30 for a Mouse shop I did a few weeks before they went belly up. I have $5 still on my reloadable card, which appears to still work - I log in every few days to check, and it says there is $5.00 there - but I haven't tried to spend it.

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I did a shop for the desert company on 3/30/15 and was given my card in quick order. I worked on the last day they were in business and was paid!

I was very LUCKY that I didn't "catch" the great $$$$ restaurants I shopped for them in March. They paid and I zero balanced out the visa card immediately as I always do. I had about $280 on the front end for some better eating than the desert place everyone likes.

This company has not gone out of business. They will not want a very squeaky wheel posting factual and negative information on them.

They claim to have gone in a different direction, and are a huge company that is not shutting down.

You do not need to break the MSC agreement and go to the customers to get paid.

Some may pay you if you do, but your proper action is to go directly to the parent company of Grass Roots.

If I was owed several hundred dollars, I would call up the President of Grass Roots America and at least give him a chance to make things right.

@ wrote:


Grass Roots New York
Barry Richards-President (Now missing from the website)

Here is the NEW website contact information for the USA branch:
Grass Roots Meetings & Events - New York
989 Sixth Avenue
20th Floor
New York, NY, 10018

T: +1 212 201 9127

There are only 4 people left...

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