Has anyone got their Ardent assignments for May?

Ardent usually gives me my monthly assignments like clockwork on the first of the month, but I'm surprised to say that I haven't got mine yet for May. I know they recently moved to new software and it's not like they're obligated to get them to me immediately, just wondering if anyone else has got them or not. I could go for a burrito right now tongue sticking out smiley

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The first month I got 4. The next few months nothing!!! I asked about it and they said that each location in on a rotation. So I guess the rotation has not come back to me yet.
Contact your scheduler. With all my experiences with my particular scheduler, I've always received my assignment request the first of every month.

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Before contacting your scheduler I suggest you log on and see your assignments. Maybe the emails got lost in someone's spam filters.

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