Beyond Hello "General-Class A"?

I haven't been able to get any bank shops from Beyond Hello. When I apply I get a message stating that "I am not qualified-General: (name of client)". I've always done this shops in the past. What is "General-Class A"?

Mod note: Please do not link the MSC with its client(s). This is a breach of Forum rules and probably an ICA violation also.

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The client is enforcing this rule. It appears to be that if you were qualified in 2014, you are not qualified in 2015. And vice versa. They want a different pool of shoppers.
Ava, did you name the client or was that a typo and you meant "class?"

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Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
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What is strange is, even though I am not qualified to do this client for one company, based on the clients decision (I was told), I can do this exact same shop with the same client for another company. I just don't get it.
And you expected uniformity because.....?

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
From a scheduler's mouth, the client is so large and each location is getting shopped several times within the same month, the original MSC could not handle the amount of work so the client has shops being handled by a second MSC. It is my guess that the client thinks by using two different MSCs that there are getting a whole new pool of shoppers. What they don't understand is that most shoppers work for both companies.

I think the 30-mile radius rule, also new for 2015 is stupid. Route shoppers can no longer take locations outside that 30 miles. I am now taking other bank shops that pay a lot more money with a bit more writing but worth it to me.
Ava, since I had the same problem I contacted the MSC. Here is part of the email I received:

"If you get to the job board and CANNOT apply to shops, due to the error message “You do not qualify for this shop for the following reasons: You do not have the following qualification, General: [client name] A / A=approved”. You do not have a status of being approved or not approved to perform these Bank Shops. The qualifications of how the Client determines your eligibility status is not disclosed to us. Once we get your status we will notify you immediately. Until then there is nothing Mystery Researchers can do to speed up this process. So we ask you to be patient and understanding of this. As this cycle continues, we will notify you of a status change. But, don’t dwell too much on this particular shop(s) for we will have plenty more mystery shops available for you to do throughout the year. Check your Sassie job board to see what other shops maybe available for you to shop."

"*We will notify you once we get a status regarding you performing these [client] shops!!!*"

"Make sure your profile is complete. I.e. social security number, address, email, state issued photo identification card, extended shopper profile, phone number, etc. This will create more job opportunities for you!"

There are two types of people in this world: Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.

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Yes if these are the bank shops that I think they are the other MSC pays about $6.00 less on most of the shops. Thanks but no thanks.
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