Market Force website issues

Is anyone else having trouble with Market Force's website? In the middle of reporting a shop, I got an error message and now I can't even login.

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they mentioned doing maintenance..i don't know if it was supposed to start tonight or tomorrow

i was just able to log in, but as I was doing so a message flashed that said something about starting Sunday night.

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Same here. Was in the middle of a report when I got the error message. I can log in, but then get the error message again.
Glad to know the problem seems to be with the website and it is not just me. I was able to get logged in again and input the report. However, when I was reviewing the summary, I got an error message again. So unfortunately I haven't been able to submit the report so I can go to bed.
Me too. I'm glad that you guys mentioned it. If there's website issues then I don't feel so bad calling it a night and trying again in the morning.
BE sure to do it 1st thing in the morning,..i think if you don't get it done by noon EST, they re assign it and don't give you a 2nd thought....and you can't get ahold of them for that time they say its too late for you
When you get the error message, hit "previous" and it will take you back to the former page and you continue with the report.

The maintenance begins tonight at 11 p.m. eastern time. smiling smiley
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