Marketforce--a positive experience (sorta)

I found out first hand why we are told to read our CPI. I had no idea it was possible for the information listed on the website to be different from that indicated on the CPI.

The other day, I had a shop rejected because I shopped "too early." It turns out I input the wrong time on the report. I contacted them to clarify the mistake, but then got a reply saying that I shopped "too late." So, I went to check the CPI and noticed the time on the website was shown to be earlier than I originally recalled. Naturally, all sorts of things went through my mind like: cover-up, conspiracy, lies, fraud, etc. And, when I went to check the CPI, the time listed was exactly the time I remembered. Essentially, there was a different on the CPI than on the website.

I contacted Marketforce and made them aware of this. I got a reply that said quality control reviewed the case and it was determined that I would get paid for the shop. I don't remember the exact words in the email, but I do remember feeling like, "Damn, that's all I get?" I felt a little, I dunno, offended I guess. There was no apology, no acknowledgement of the mistake, nor any explanation as to why the website said one thing and the CPI said another, no 'thank you' for bringing it to their attention--nothing. The way the email was written, and the overall tone, was like they were distancing themselves from any responsibility whatsoever.

I guess I shouldn't expect more, right? I am just a contractor. I'm mean, it's really about the dollars and cents. There's no reason for a company that monitors customer service for its clients to value customer service themselves.

I got a victory, so I'll take what I can get.

H.A.R.D. at work

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Had something like that happen to me this week. Took a highly bonused shop for tomorrow while I was on the road. When I got home and checked the paperwork it showed Saturday instead of Sunday. Was I livid, I said oh well maybe I can arrange something. I finished up my paperwork for the 10 jobs that I had already done that day. Then I went back and checked and lo n behold it had the proper date on it. Probably shouldn't have taken my first audit with no days left to go back if it is raining. And it has been raining in OK and TX, then moving east, off and on for the past two to three weeks. At least the lakes are finally full so we will not have a water shortage this year unless it doesn't rain for the rest of the year.

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I've had shopper advocates on MF that are so positive! They write a friendly message, sign their name and say to have a great day! There are a few that were not as friendly but I would say, if you are getting paid, and they have corrected their time mistake, that would be okay with me smiling smiley
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