Ritter Associates Parking Shops

I performed a parking mystery shop for Ritter Associates in Hawaii. I was offered Saturday, May 23 as a valid shop date. I performed the shop. When I arrived, the valet parking was closed, with a sign showing Monday to Friday hours only. There is a procedure for shops where the location is closed. It is to take a picture of the sign showing the hours of operation. I submitted the photo to Ritter. When I submitted the shop, this is the reply I received:

Hi Jessie,

With the photo you have attached it shows this location hours of Monday-Friday. Since you went on Saturday and the location was closed this shop is not acceptable.

If a location has weekend hours it would be listed in the shop instructions.

Thank you,

Stephanie Light
Operations Scheduler

Fortunately, I did not spend any money for this shop. There is no paid parking at this location other than the valet service.

They have made errors in shop instructions for years. I will not shop for Ritter again.

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I did a hotel valet parking shop for Ritter, same scheduler. When I got there, the doorman told me the lot was full, and they could not park my car. It was out of my way, and I only took the shop because it was bonused, last day of month. Of course, there was no sign to take a picture of; they would still valet hotel guests. I received no payment as well, since I had no picture to submit. First and last shop for them.

Thanks to all the forum members!
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