Login problems for Monterey and Sentry

A few weeks ago, I noticed that, even though I've never changed my password, I was getting the following error trying to sign into Monterey Mystery Shopping and Sentry Marketing's Prophet site:

"Username or Password not found. Please try again."

At the time, the error only occurred on my pc, but I could still access the site from my phone. Now, I can't get in either way.

Has anyone else encountered this? Is there an easy fix? I contacted Monterry awhile ago, but didn't get a response.

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I had that problem with Monterey. Contacted them by phone and they reset the password.
When I had a problem on Monterrey I emailed them. Although they insinuated the problem was on my end, saying I must have changed the password and forgotten the new one (when I hadn't), the reset it on their end and I haven't had a problem since.

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