which MSI's offer apartment shops besides EPMS

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Be aware, however, at least in my area, neither one pays as much as EPMS nor do they have anywhere near the volume of work. Have you considered route shops into other areas?
I've seen them on Intelli-shop and Bestmark. I did one for Bestmark when I first started shopping and it paid $17. It was not worth it, to me.
Oh, Phoebe70, that's awful! I would never do them for that. In my area, they typically start at around $35. I usually wait til they start bonusing them and get $50-60. Once I was working a regular job out of town and looking to MS. I found one that had been on the board for 4 mos. It was an hour away from where I was staying and paid $80. No way would I have driven 3 hrs each way for that, but 1 hr? Oh, yeah. Plus, it was a beautiful drive and the manager was a very nice man whom I thoroughly enjoyed meeting.
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