CUSTOMER SERVCE EXPERTS: Doing shops for Mintel???

Just received and email from CSE for a credit card purchase shop at an airport, an strangely, Mintel is listed as the what's up with this arrangement???

Many Thanks

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CSE and Mintel are working together on that project, as CSE is a MSC that has many airport shops. From what I understand, the shops are all post security, and with their aiprot focus, CSE can get more shoppers to work on that Mintel project.

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The few Mintel shops I have done are for a MAJOR credit card company...these shops were around large conventions. I have spaced them at least 6 to 9 months apart, as the same reps seem to be at all of the conventions and these are targeted shops with a list of "Don't shop these resp."

TIP FOR MINTEL SHOPS: The above shops I the debrief, Mintel want us to UPLOAD the pages with our notes...the questionnaire we print out, about 15 pgs...since I audio record my shops, the first time I had to scramble to scribble notes on all of the pages. Second time I was prepared, but still had to put notes on the pages for the debrief.

Hope this helps someone...Hugs
BARE also did those last year, for Mintel. I had a real problem getting paid for the pre-qual test. Fortunately, I was able to use earbuds on the plane and write up my narratives. IMHO, not worth it, since it took 5 months of constant followup to get my full pay (no probs on the shop itself, and a 10). However, I do shop directly for Mintel and LOVE them.
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