Market Force deactivation.

I enjoy shopping for MF. You do have to follow their exact instructions (as with others). They stick to whatever was originally accepted for the pay. If you go over, that is usually your loss.

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Also.... did the CPI specifically state that you cannot return the item? I have done that in rare circumstances, and this seems like an acceptable one.
We all need to follow the guidelines. I will continue to work with Marketforce. We all make errors. This is why the eraser was invented.
I don't fully agree here. If the store was closed, then it should have been sufficient to buy a coke from a cooler box. However, it was odd and I think unreasonable to ask for a receipt. A digital photo of the cooler box and maybe another of the coke in the yard of the station might have sufficed.
Market force has always been fair with me. The independent schedulers are great to work with. Living in rural Texas there is plenty of work with nice bonuses when you wait. And unless I just want a quick paid meal or a shop is along a route, I just wait, til the bonuses come.
Question? I've heard various shoppers speak of MF giving them the ax. What does a shopper do with /do to MF to get the ax other than not being a reliable shopper?

From reading this forum it sounds as though they eventually give shoppers the axe without giving them a reason. One guess might be, they want fresh shoppers and not the same one all the time. So, forewarned is fore armed. I need to have enough work without them. Hard where I live though.

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Market Force told me directly that if you don't get a receipt because their register is broken or they refuse to give you a receipt, then report this and they usually always pay in cases where it is not your fault smiling smiley
I have been paid by market force without a receipt. I have forgotten to check before driving away and reported that I forgot. They paid me.
Different company, and I'm sure different station as well, but similar situation.
I was supposed to make a minimum $14 gas purchase and an in-store purchase of up to $5, required items listed. The location didn't have either of the required items, so I made a small purchase of something that might be close. I am still waiting on the payment for it, but my report was approved no problems.
I love MarketForce. They pay every month by DD on the 11th. Reports are very simple and if you want to reschedule you can do it yourself with many other date options. I have been with them over 3 years and they are the best. I need to eat so I do mostly food shops. Most reports take about 10 minutes with little naritive. I hope I never get dropped.
I have worked for the same company you are reffing to and I love them. I do ALOT of shops each month. Pay is good and shops are easy. I even ask for bonus pay ahead of time and usually get it. I love this company. Sorry you had bad experience with them.
I really like working for MF. easy reports. i've never had a receipt or payment problem.
Sounds more like you had done enough good work for them that they simply trusted you enough to offer that type of project without having actually done that specific one in the past. Good job!
Yes, Sunny, and I always tip, so ALWAYS the reimbursement does not cover the shop. MF has told me they have tried and tried to get the co. to up the reimbursement, but they won't. I like those shops (not the food) as they are the first ones I did when I started, could almost do them in my sleep, and the reports are easy and reasonable. I will not do them, anymore, though, because of that issue, for under $10, as I do not like their food. I also love Marketforce (so far). I have not gotten paid for a few shops when I did something wrong, but only once did I think they weren't fair--and even then I could see their point.
I have had good luck with MF. Hard to wait on that big check though lol. I do my usual shake shops and have been getting several bonus telephone offers. They have sent me a couple of new different shops with low pay and hard work but I went ahead and did them perfectly thinking well if I do them great for base (I was nervous, approval from QC took 3-4 days) they will offer it in the future so I am pleased to read some posters say this is probably the case. MF reports are about my favorite because most of the shops are so easy, clean cut and have a low narrative. smiling smiley
I love MF too! I do A LOT of work with them and never had a problem! I get calls all the time with bonus pays that are simple jobs that with bonus pays that they have added $25.00 to a $8.00 shop just so it can be done NOW. They pay when they say they do, you have control of your schedule. If something should come up you can rescheduled a shop on your own. If they have a question about something usually an email with an explanation will clear it up and you'll get paid.

So like someone said before keep screwing up and quiting MF because I am more than happy to take your shop at 3x's the pay!!!!!!
I received a ton of work from them this week. I like this company a lot.. They do not fool around and neither do I. They are always calling me with bonuses. so far so good.
Today almost all of my work was MF bonused shops. I enjoy working with them and in my experience, they are a very fair company. I hope to have years left before the ax falls.
I enjoy some of the clients Market Force has. Their reports are so easy they take a couple of minutes.
One of their FF clients will be building a restaurant here soon. First one in the area. There has been a lot of talk about these shops so I have to do one, good or bad, just to have the "experience."

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