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I type my shop comments on Wordperfect and then copy/paste them to the Sassie form. Apparently this process creates two spaces after each period and the editor mentions this in the feedback. I have tried going through the narrative before submission to reduce all the spaces but it is a pain to do this in a lengthy narrative. Is anyone else having this problem? Any solutions?

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I suspect that there is a setting (or preference) somewhere in WordPerfect control how many spaces are inserted after a period. At least that is my recollection from when I used WordPerfect 25 years ago (before MS Word came to rule the world).

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I think you are saying it occurs after you paste it into their platform, so I don't think a setting in Word or Wordperfect (a predecessor) would help things. It happens to me with spaces between paragraphs.
There was another thread a while back about two spaces versus one space after a period. I believe there wasn't a consensus, but one space is a newer option. I use two spaces. On my Blackberry, when I type two spaces, it creates a period before them. So there must be some fairly large support for the two space option. I would do an internet search, find support for two spaces, and send it to the editor.
I think it was their report I had an issue with last month. They like separate paragraphs yet when I pasted in my narrative from Word the system turned it into one extremely long paragraph. What a PITA to go through and separate them again.

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