$175.00 CREDIT CARD SHOPS:How difficult is the report please???

So how complex is the report for these $175.00 fee shops where you open up a bank credit card please??
Never did one and prefer to ask before accepting the shop.
AND...is there anyway to return to the original fomat of this forum please??? Hate the new look, but love you for all your efforts Jacob !!!

Many Thanks

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I'm not sure how it works for Bank credit cards, but probably about the same as it did for a store credit card. I had to apply for the credit card at the cash register. The cashier had me fill in some stuff and then you are either accepted or denied. I was denied, so I paid with another card and went home. Ten days later, I got my card in the mail. I had to take the card to the store and buy something with it and upload the receipt. I also had to upload copies of the credit card agreement, the envelope the card came in and a lot of other stuff from that envelope. I had to charge something online on the store's site, I had to call customer service and ask a question, and the next day, send an email to customer service asking a question. I had to upload my first bill, return something and then upload a copy of the statement showing the return.

It took about 6 weeks total, and it was a little tedious, but the pay was really good and the work was minimal when broken over that much time.
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