Is Market Force Losing Big Client

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Except for nanabelle, we all looooove Market Force.

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Marketforce is one of the larger companies out there and they have tons of shoppers. That being said, they are bound to have people who don't like them. In general, people post complaints much more often then they do compliments. Personally, I like them and have made a good amount of income completing their shops.
I wish they'd get more grocery shops in. With Intelligence stopping their convenience stores and grocery shops, I need to make up the money with somebody else. So far every company I've signed up with doesn't have any in my area. sad smiley
I recently signed up with Market Force, and I haven't really enjoyed working with them so far. I find some of their shops to be questionable and have had a lot of technical problems while completing their forms. I am probably going to give them another try or two before I completely make up my mind, though. We might just have started off on the wrong foot.
I did a grocery shop for them on 7/05. When I went into my account to check on the status, it said my receipt and my CPI were at "not received". I am positive I submitted everything and got no notification that anything was missing. I sent an email to the Helpdesk about it but not pleased so far with them. This is the first one I've done with Market Force. Depending on their response, I'll decide whether I want to continue.

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