Shared Insight Payment Late?

Hi All -

I've been getting Shared Insight payments to my paypal account somewhere between the 20th and 30th no problem.

This time the payment is listed on the Shared Insight website as being made Jun 20, but nothing has arrived in my paypal account. I've changed nothing at paypal and nothng at Shared Insight.

I called them and the person who answered the phone promised to have someone return my call, but no one ever called me back. Which is always a scary result.

Did everyone else get their payments already?


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Nope. Didn't get mine either and I sent an email and called and haven't heard anything back either. I'm not shopping for them anymore because of two returned reports because of a one word mistake on two separate shops. (I put Frozen Ice, instead of Frozen Drink which was on the receipt and on the other I just put Frozen without stating "drink". Don't think that was any reason to not pay me for the jobs but enough to stop me from doing them). Not to mention the rotation requirements only make being able to do a shop once during their open times.
You are absolutely right, they were late this month (which never happened before). Same situation as yours (payment marked for June 20th, but did not get it). I emailed last Friday (July 3rd) the company using their "contact us" button on their online portal. I did not get any answer, but I received the payment on Monday, labelled as "July Payment".
I have "unofficial" word that they experienced a delay because of changing payment providers. It sounds like a big headache, but it does not seem to be a long term problem.
Thanks. As with you, I received the money on Monday. Never did receive a response to the request.
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