Oh Where, Oh Where are my Albatross Guidelines?

I have not worked for this MSC for awhile but now I have been assigned a high-end shop purchase and keep shop. I can not find the actual guidelines anywhere. I can see a blank survey form and a required certification test but no guidelines. I took the test without the guidelines and passed with 100% on the first try. Common sense is a wonderful thing.

If you are an experienced Albatross shopper, can you please let me know where I can find the guidelines? There has been some email communication with the scheduler but I think she lives in Australia so there is always a major delay in communication. The shop log says "perfume" but her email says "skin care" which is contradictory. The shop log does not have any monetary amounts listed but her email gave me a certain spending limit. Do the scheduler's emails count as the shop guidelines with this MSC? This is quite confusing so maybe this is why I have not worked for them lately.

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Usually my experience with Albatross has been that the scheduler will send you the brief (aka guidelines) in an email, after you've been assigned. Sometimes, as you say, there's a slight delay as their schedulers seem to be working from all over the world.

If the scheduler's email does not include a PDF file with the guidelines (again, they call it "brief"winking smiley, send her an email asking for them. Same goes for the "perfume" or "skin care", it's sometimes just a questionnaire that can be used for both - are those the airport shops?

Thanks for your quick reply, charlhenri. She gave me "Management" rights over the survey before actually assigning it to me. I think it was a negotiation move on her part to have me accept the shop. No, it is not an airport shop. I have a 13-shop airport route next weekend but I don't think any of those shops are for makeup, skincare or perfume.

I will email her for a pdf of the brief since I do not see anything attached in the emails. Thanks again.
You need a brief from the scheduler... usually they send right away, but once I had to chase it...
I did their Perfume, however when I got a shop it was for make up... the survey form is for perfume, skin care and make up...
I got it straightened out. The brief has been sent as an email attachment. That is quite unusual. My report also has three different sections on it - perfume, skin care and makeup. I use 2 out of 3 of those categories from the designer that I am shopping so this is a win-win.
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