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I've just completed my first full week of mystery shopping! I'm trying to do the easy in and out shops to get the hang of remembering all of the details I need to. I have a question about MF: I know several of you have talked about doing the same fast food stops. I've completed almost all of the food and gas stops in my area and was wondering how often they'll show back up in my list. Is it typical to see them back in the rotation weekly or monthly? Thanks for all of your input in advance!

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Usually monthly, but different shops/clients have different rotation schedules so it may even be every other month, for example.
Hey Liz, it depends on your area and the client. I know that I have shopped some of the same locations for MF twice or more in one month. That is one thing I like about this MSC, the lack of a rotational time limit like other companies. For example on the FF and Casual dining shops, there are usually time frames (breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night), and usually two or three time frames during the month. Also, once you get a few shops under your belt, you can expect to hear from the schedulers pretty often offering bonuses (called me twice today) to fill locations no one has signed up for.

proudly shopping in the D.
Good to know! I think I'll snatch up the last one then just to get my name attached to one more. Do they ever provide feedback? I've done shops for several different companies this week and only heard back from one (other than "your shop has been accepted/approved"winking smiley.
Sometimes I would shop the same location a couple times a week if not more. Living in a rural area has its advantages.
MF only provides you with 'feedback' if there is a problem. That feedback comes from Quality Assurance. You can know that all is well by going to the Assignment/Receipt Status page and down the left hand column you will see "Assign. ID (Status)". If (Approved) appears as the status for the job it has gone through and you are fine.
Unfortunately Liz, constructive feedback is really lacking in this business. Like Flash says, MF will tell you if your shop was accepted or rejected, and not much beyond that. Other MSC on the Sassie system will give you a rating from 1-10 on your completed shops, sometimes with some feedback like "watch your spelling" or grammar errors. You're pretty much on your own in this business. Other times you'll get a request from an editor asking for more detailed information (8 out of 10 times these requests seem ridiculous to me, as I feel I've explained the shop well enough, but you comply to get paid). But reel positive feedback? Not so much. Probably you'll get better luck on this forum. I've always taken an accepted shop as positive feedback and used how efficiently I can fill in the reports as self criticism.

proudly shopping in the D.
the (fast food) shops can you shop two different locations the same day
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@marylo37 wrote:

the (fast food) shops can you shop two different locations the same day
Yes, but not the same meal period. You could do one at breakfast, one at lunch and one at dinner and overdose on tater tots.
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