ISecretShop / Measure CP - How long to review reports?

I recently did a phone call shop that requires me to buy a service online and then cancel the service the following week. The shopping company is Measure CP but the job is offered through ISecretShop. Has anyone done one for them? I submitted my report and it took them over 2 business days to move it from submitted to in review. Now it has been in review for 3 business days. Is this normal? I have never shopped for a company with such a slow turnaround time for a submitted report. I asked iSS and they said to contact Measure CP. What has been your experience with both? (By the way is my first shop with iSS and with Measure CP).

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ISecretShop is indeed simply a platform, in the same way that Sassie is a platform used by multiple MSCs. Your did the shop for Measure CP, and that is indeed the entity which you have to deal with. I have chosen not to do that assignment after looking up reviews of the online service, but there are others on this Forum who have reported doing that assignment. I suggest that you search for it by the name of the online company, or by searching for Measure CP threads.

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Thanks for the input - I had to search in multiple ways but eventually found the thread you refer to. Seems most people were concerned about the reviews of the service on the internet, though I didn't have any issues myself. Really the only hassle is the cancellation phone call since you have to deal with a high pressure sales "keep the service" pitch. I think it was worth the pay and the fact that I got my 3 credit scores out of it for "free".
I've done much work for MCP and have never had a problem. I blew a phone call and they were decent about it.

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10 business days after submitting my report for review, still not approved. I followed up with Measure CP and this is their reply:

"The editors are doing their best at editing close to 1000 of these.... Please be patient...."

I guess I'll have to be...
While it would be nice if companies edited reports immediately, that frequently doesn't happen. Many MSCs routinely take a week - 10 days to review reports. There are two companies I work with who sometimes take over a month, depending on the client. In that case, I am guessing that there is only one editor (or a particular team of reviewers) who reviews the reports for that client or on that project and the reports are simply stacked up waiting for them to get to them.

Ten days is longer than I've experienced with Measure. In the past, they have generally reviewed reports faster, but, based on the review time I see for other companies, I wouldn't say that's a long time.
@Roxie wrote:

I have received payment for my shop which was completed July 6.

Wow! Have they changed their payment schedule? You received payment July 15 for a shop completed July 5? Payment in 10 days? I've always been paid the 15th of the month following shop completion. Did the change to 10 day payment coincide with their change of platform?
@roflwofl, this was my first shop for them. It was a pleasant surprise. I did notice in the notification email, it said for a shop on June 24, which was the day I started the shop.
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