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I was just curious what folks thought about this company. I tried to reply to an older thread, but it was closed and said to start a new one, so here we are. The last comments I read were back in 2014, so now that we are over halfway through 2015, what do you think? I must say that one of the reasons I like them is because I do shops at a store chain that is my favorite so they help pay my grocery bill now. I like that! lol On the downside, I just don't understand their timing at all. I've never had a response from the scheduler when I had questions so have always had to wing it with what I think is best. That's frustrating. Still, it's the failure to keep their 'job board' up to date that is the most frustrating. I don't know if they have a lot of flakes or if they simply don't monitor their own applications. It's very confusing. It's a shame it's not a self-assign set up.

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I have done some work for them for years. This year, I have completed 8 shops for them. I consider the fees to be reasonable and payment happens the month after the shop. They do not have many clients in my area.

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Yeah, I've only seen two client shops listed and 99% are the grocery chain I shop. At this point, I don't even have to think about the guidelines because I know what I'm doing and that makes it easier, too. I just have to check for updates to the guidelines and I'm golden with this shop.
I think the scheduler has favorites since I rarely get assigned shops. Although I apply monthly for the handful of jobs that are available in my area, I probably only shop for them once or twice a year.

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I haven't heard of this company. I am about to sign up but it says their security certificate is out of date and I'm not recommended to go to their site. I hate when sites don't keep that up to date, it makes me nervous!
Yeah, I know what you mean. I tend to bail when I get warnings. All I can say is that I'm doing several shops a month and I've gotten paid regularly as well, so from my point of view, they are legit.
The company has several branches - event brand ambassadors, mystery shoppers, samplers. I perform a lot of events for them - mainly promoting beer. A branch of the company used to do mystery shopping for a large grocery chain, but that stopped some time ago. They still do some mystery shopping at a warehouse membership club.
I did sign up because of what I am reading on here. Waiting to hear back for approval. smiling smiley
They do change the dates about half the time, but it rarely affects things. It's easy for me to go to the various locations for a couple of things. Like I said, right now they are paying a nice chunk of my grocery bill and that helps me out quite a bit. I know what you mean about the scheduler, though. As I said before, I actually have sent the scheduler several emails with questions or important comments and I have never had a response. I guess you could say I just don't worry about the scheduler anymore. I do my interpretation of what I'm reading (and it's really not that hard anyway) and let the editors do their thing. I still email the scheduler, though, with concerns or issues. What she does with them is her business, but I have a record of it and that is what matters to me.
Well I was going to sign up but their system has too many issues just trying to get past the signup page. Not a good sign.

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I shop for them regularly and like them. They have shops for more than one client in my area, even though I mostly shop only one of their clients. In terms of communication with schedulers, my experience varies greatly from scheduler to scheduler. I deal mostly with one Summit scheduler who schedules for the company, and she always responds promptly.
I schedule for Interactions Marketing. I handle west coast/California grocery shops. If anyone has specific questions about the shops, I would be happy to answer any questions. The program I schedule does not start on the 1st or end on the last day of the month. This confuses some shoppers. The shop dates do at times change and this is unavoidable. I do my best to work with shoppers who request routes or email me to requests special dates not listed on the job board. I'm always here to help. Texting is great too.
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I have to say - great company to work for. Nice Grocery shops and there are some others I try to get now and then too when they fit into my schedule - and yes - Joni is a great scheduler - she does work with us smiling smiley.
I've never tried to email the scheduler and request a route. I really did not know that was something we could do. I might try it at some point when I do some shops for them. There are a few near my home and a couple of others that are on the fringe that I would do if I could make the route work. Most of the areas are just too far out to go for the fee unless there was some type of mileage or bonus attached to it to cover the gas, but I don't think they do that, or at least, I have not seen it done for these shops.
@bgriffin wrote:

Well I was going to sign up but their system has too many issues just trying to get past the signup page. Not a good sign.

I plugged through it. The form wouldn't accept my MSPA certification code. sad smiley I hope I can edit that once I'm approved. Typing in information was.....interesting....with a few system glitches. But, we'll see.
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