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How long does it usually take for quality control to approve your job? Do they pay the same time each month

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Some of the Market Force easy shops are approved in a couple of hours, some take just a couple of days. I like the shopper log as it tells you submitted, in Quality Control (QC) and when it is approved. They pay each month for the previous month usually like 16th of each month. I like the easy narratives and flexibility if you have to change a shop date.
Quality control can approve a FF job in less than an hour if there is no narrative.
With narrative, it's usually 12-24 hours. A fast casual is usually 12 hours or so.

Audits can linger.

I would not worry unless it was over 48 hours. A weekend can take longer as well.

Just keep an eye out for an email from ""

If it states, "More information required..." You need to reply ASAP.

My last direct deposit landed on 7/11 for the prior months jobs.
They pay monthly and are very consistent. If you use direct deposit you are paid about a week earlier than if you get a paper check. No news from MF is good news for reports. If they have a question it is usually within 2 days. Just respond to them quickly if they do have a question on one of your reports. Easy MSC to work for but the pay is not great.
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