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Since MF changed their web site and reporting, I have noticed that it is taking me an unbelievably long time to enter reports. It's now going on 35 minutes, and I am still enter a burger report. I have tried both Google Chrome and IE - slow using both. It is not my computer, because I have entered two other shops for another MSC in less time. Is anyone else having this issue? I have reported it to MF, whatever that is worth.

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I noticed it was slow yesterday, but just thought I was in a bigger hurry than usual. I haven't done that many shops for them, so I don't have a good baseline of what the normal speed is. But yeah, it seemed slow to me on Google Chrome.

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Yes, extremely slow on both Explorer and Chrome. Haven't tried Safari. Anyone know if Safari is any better?

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Just checked Firefox and it seems about the same there: mighty slow. Seemed a little faster on Safari, but neither one were lighting my hair on fire.

Shopper in California's Bay Area

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I use Firefox and what I have noted is that the sweet spot for the 'Next' button is very small so you have to hit it right to move on. Alternatively, if your last response on the page is a radio button, you can hit 'Enter' and move right along. ('Enter' doesn't work if you were in a narrative box instead of on a radio button.) It is not the speediest of websites but it at least works.
It was a little slower using my Kindle when doing reports, but not much slower than when I use my phone or laptop. I submitted five reports the past couple of days.

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I submitted a report on Friday using Chrome on a PC, and it worked great. I liked it better.
Just submitted burger shop on IE and it took twice as long as normal. It's been a while since I did a burger shop and it seems there are less questions per page so I had many more screens to access. Also the total number of questions has increased. I only did this one because they said my certification would expire. I won't do another one without a sizeable bonus.
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@kenasch May I know what certification it is? Can't recall any with MFI.

I can't mention the client but I believe Market Force was telling me that if I didn't do the burger shop soon I would have to take the test again. I recall it is a long test with all sorts of tricky questions about correct timing points among other things.
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