Service Check--Late, Late, Late

Is anyone else having issues with Service Check and tardiness?

It's 7/27 and I still haven't been paid. Last month, they paid on the last day of the month, which was more than a week later than usual.

They're sometimes excruciatingly slow in responding to emails and reviewing reports, too.

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I just received payment for June shops.

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gotshops, you might want to revise the thread's title since it appears that they are not really late.
Just because they have gotten paid doesn't mean they didn't get paid late.

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My understanding is that Service Check pays in 60 days. My shop was from late June. It is now late July. That 'ain't hardly late'!!!
I just got payment for a shop I did on 6/18. I agree that they are not late. Also they tell you when the next payday will be:

>>>Note from Service Check:

Enclosed you will find your COMBINED payment for all Mystery Shops completed in the month of June 2015. All July 2015 shops will be paid on August 28th. Please do not reply to this e-mail. **Thank you for being a valued contractor for Service Check.

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Since December 2014, I have been paid by SC an average of 26.5 days for all my shops. Prior to that, they used to pay closer to the 60 days. So if anything, they are paying quicker than they used to. I just feel that "late, late, late" in the thread's title is totally unnecessary for this particular MSC.
I used to work for this MSC on a regular basis. In 2015, I had to stop accepting most assignments because I just do not have the time slots available. One of the project managers actually called just to "make sure that I was all right." That person said that they noticed I had not performed a shop for them in awhile and they were becoming a bit concerned. I thought that was very thoughtful of them.
They have one shop I do occasionally, mostly when they call. Since total pay is only around $18 I don't track it too closely, but had felt the payments were coming in sooner this year. Glad to know it wasn't just my imagination (running away with me).

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