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Hello, I am new to posting here but I am curious if anyone who does the Pegasus shops (name of MSC) has been assigned their shops for August yet? I usually get my shops no later than the 27th of the month for the following month and I am in a little bit of a panic. These jobs are my money maker for the month and I have placed a call to (name of MSC) but haven't heard back yet and am really nervous. Please if anyone gets automatically assigned shops each month and have or haven't been assigned their August shops, please let me know. Thanks so much for your help!

Mod note: I know it is hard to ask some questions without linking an MSC to its client(s) however this is a violation of Forum rules and probably also a breach of your ICA.

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I have not seen the August shops yet.

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
I'm still learning 24/7.
I received mine yesterday afternoon as well. There are also a lot of the new bank shops on the board.
I received mine yesterday about 5:00 PM.

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Thank you all so much! I will contact them first thing in the morning because I have none yet and always get 50 a month assigned and as far as I know I have done nothing wrong and am panicking bad now!
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