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Hello. I am trying to download guidelines for my first assignment from KSS. When I go to the KSS shop log, I click on "guidelines" but am told I first need to register with Kinesis, which I've already done. When I go to Kinesis, I can log in but I don't get anywhere, i.e., there's no place to see the guidelines. My assignment is for tomorrow. Any suggestions? I've contacted everyone but I'm not getting a specific answer. Thank you!!

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You will not be able to see the guidelines for a Kinesis shop on the KSS website, only on the Kinesis website. When you log in to Kinesis, you go to the Your Shopper Home Page. You chould see your assignment on the page listed under "Confirmed Shops." Have you already accepted the shop on the Kinesis website? If not, click on it and accept. If yes, click on Shop Details. The guidelines will come up. After performing the shop, you will enter your shop report here on the Kinesis website after logging in. You will also enter a brief (date and checking the "completed box"winking smiley report on the KSS website to let the scheduler know you completed the assignment.

If you do not see the assignment on your Shopper Home Page when you log into Kinesis, there is something wrong and you need to contact the scheduler ASAP.
Thanks. When I log into Kinesis I'm taken directly to the following, and there are no other links such as Confirmed Shops. Here's what it looks like: I can't get to "Shop Details"

Shopper Home for Catherine XXXXXX
[Help] [Demographics] [Email Addresses] [Log Out]

SHOPPER GUIDELINES: Click on [Shop Details] for the Shop Guidelines and a downloadable version of the shop Audit Form. Shoppers are responsible for following requirements listed in Shop Guidelines.

SHOPPER PAYMENTS: Kinesis pays for shops through PayPal by the end of the month following the month of the shop. To add a PayPal address that is different from your Primary Address, please check instructions in the [Help] link at the top of this page.

COLLATERAL UPLOAD: You may upload collateral materials required to complete your shop (receipts, business cards, contracts, etc), in two places:
1. On the last page of the online audit form, please click on the link [Upload your collateral materials]
2. In the "Collateral Status" column on your Kinesis Shopper Home page, you may click on the link in the assigned shop row.
If you do not see the name and address of the shop you believe you were assigned on your Shopper Home Page right below what you posted above, there is something wrong. Not only will you not be able to see the guidelines, you will not be able to report the shop and will not get paid. Contact the scheduler ASAP.
Hi Catherine,

I would suggest you call your scheduler directly and, if they don't answer, call Lorri Kern directly. []

One or the other will be able to help you. Good luck!


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
That's part of my problem. I've sent 3 emails but I keep getting a generic response. As it turns out, I just received an email telling me the company has pulled its mystery shopping. Fortunately, this gives me some time to get this worked out. Also, I have been signed up with SASSIE for months but suddenly they can't/won't send emails because they got the infamous "do not send emails to ..." Now I have to figure out how to get back on with SASSIE. Sigh.
Catherine, if you need help or still have a question, call KSS. (They're in an eastern time zone.) They will help you.


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
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