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Can anyone give tips on how to make the scheduling process go more smoothly? Their assignment system seemed kind of odd to me.

For example, I applied for a shop, clinking the radio button for the location. I got an email the next day, asking me to send another email, describing the shop type and location I was applying for. So I sent an email right back, explaining that I was heading to a particular city that day, the 8th, and could do a particular shop only that day. This morning I got an email assigning the shop for the 10th. I am sure this was computer generated, because the email to the scheduler explained that I would only be in that city on the 8th.

Aside from applying for shops several days to a week in advance, any tips on how to work directly with the schedulers to avoid odd, computer generated shop dates? Is it just best to not apply for shops with this company at the last minute?

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Unfortunately that's how they do things. You can't see requirements until they assign a job. Their email communication is listless. Just decline the job if it doesn't work for you.

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Maybe I will try by phone next time. Yeah, I declined the job, but how much of my time and the scheduler's time was wasted in the process? To me, it was not an "anchor," job, just a little something to add while I was in town. To the scheduler it was a shop crossed off the list-oh, wait, notsomuch….
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