Hi, what if any input can you give me about CSE? I found they have golf shops on the job board. But, I would like your opinion of the schedulers, company, reports, payment time and anything else you can tell me. Thanks.


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Done a little work for them over the years. Always been paid timely. They do respond to emails. Reports can be narrative heavy but are not bad.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
The golf shops are fun, but do require a lot of writing and observations. Most can be done before you begin play. They pay at the end of the following month, so you're carrying the cost for a month or so.

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I love this company and do several of their shops as often as I can. The golf shops are awesome. If I ride alone, I write all my observations on my scorecard, by hole, of the course, marshall, beverage cart, etc. I also keep my checklist on the steering wheel for names and timings.

The schedulers are great to work with and I've always been paid per their schedule. The report is fairly heavy on narrative, but not any different than a fine dining shop or other shop that is in the $100++ range between fees and reimbursements. I've even seen some of the locations bonused which amazes me....

If you like to golf and don't mind writing some narratives in exchange for a free round, go for it!

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