Market Force removing shops I already signed up for?

This morning I checked up on the list of shops I had signed up for with MF in the past few days. They included (three restaurants and four hardware) shops. All of the (hardware) shops were gone! I checked my email to see if I had gotten an explanation for the sudden disappearance of these shops, but there was nothing.

Has anyone else experienced this mysterious disappearance of shops from their Market Force queue, with or without an explanation?

Mod note: Making the link between an MSC and its clients is a breach of Forum rules and probably a violation of your ICA with MF.

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You need to edit your post so that you do not name the MSC and clients in the same message. Doing so violates your IC agreements and Forum rules.

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I have never had a shop disappear with MF, as far as I can remember. Even when an upcoming storm eliminated some shopping dates, they worked with me to reschedule. I would send an email to the help desk. Other MSCs drop shops on occasion, but they always let me know.
I have never had an issue with MF but other companies have removed entire rounds of shops because 1) the client changed their minds about their MS program or 2) the guidelines/report were incorrect and then the shops were re-posted after the corrections were made.

It sounds like the OP may have been removed from this client's program. If all of the MF shops were gone then I would say that you were deactivated. But if it is only this one client, you were probably discovered to be the MS'er or you had two many mistakes on a previous report.
When I was dropped from a particular client the assignments I had accepted and pending for that client disappeared but not other shops. When I inquired I was told I had been dropped from the particular client. I also was unable to see those shops in the listings of available shops.
By the way, they dropped my husband, too, from the same shops. Does this help clear up the mystery further for anyone?
I've had a MF job just drop off my "pending" list before. It only happened once with one shop about a month ago. I emailed the HelpDesk with a "what's going on? Am I still assigned? I can't see the job anymore but never got a notification that it was being cancelled or taken away from me. Does this happen a lot?" message. I got a nice reply from a shopper liaison or some such title. She was apologetic, said that they had the client cancel some of the shops at the last minute and that emails were going out to the shoppers who were affected. I had other shops for that client still assigned to me, so I figured it was just a situation where they had all the jobs they needed for that client completed already. The assignment was for a few days away (maybe 2 or 3), and I eventually got the system generated "this assignment has been cancelled" email from MF.

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There are a whole variety of 'possible explanations' but they would all be pure speculation. If neither of you can see those shops on the board any more but can see other shops it would seem that they decided to terminate one of you from the client and so that there could be no shopping under the other person's identity they decided to terminate everyone at that address from the client.
I've only had one removed but an email came with it explaining that they needed to cancel further shops for the client. I've also received emails stating that there were new guidelines since I had accepted the job and to check them out. That's strange they wouldn't at least provide you with a heads up.

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I've had shops that were removed by the client the same day within two hours of heading out for the shop. I have always got an email telling me "XXXX Shop Cancelled" and it is because the client does not want to shop that particular location for business reasons and this will not affect my score. That is strange that you had all your "fix it" shops removed. I wonder if you were spotted at one as a shopper? Check your junk mail. Also, call them. Maybe it was a glitch or maybe you have been removed from that particular client.
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