Intellishop; Taking weeks to edit reports

I'm getting concerning about Intellishop, I submitted one shop report on 8-14 and two more on 8-20-15 and none of them have went through the final editing/grading process yet. Emailed the scheduler around 8-19-14 about the first report, she said they were behind but it would be done soon...still not done. Any thoughts??

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I've had some take just as long and received a score of 10 on each and payment for all of them was within 30 days of submission. I wouldn't sweat it and I wouldn't contact the scheduler again about it.
It might be that there's a delay with editing on certain clients' shops, but my two shops on 8/7 (same client) and my one on 8/12 (a different client) are all in "Received" status now with scores and comments on 2/3 of them.
I just did a shop for them on 8/28 and got comments back on 8/30. Seems like maybe it's client-specific.

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Maybe it is client specific, just never had shops take so long to cycle through the system. These shops were for two different clients. Thankfully, I finally received the edit from the 8-14 shop today with a 9/10...Thank you for the feed back!!
Don't worry about it, unless your report's rejected. If anything, I'd only worry if they're extremely delayed with payment.

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They've been taking WEEKS for me as well, but I always get a 10/10 and am paid, so I'm not too worried.
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