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Last night, the MF system was moving slow like usual while I was working on the report. I complete the report, click on the submit button then hit refresh. In less than 30 SECONDS, my report had already gone through QC and was approved. I was tired so I did not think much of it.

I just submitted another MF report and the same thing happened. Completing the report took awhile due to their slow system but hit that submit button and report is already approved. I did not even upload the receipt and CPI yet.

How can they possibly be editing reports THAT quickly? Are they editing reports as we are doing them?

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We have noted with a series of shops that when there is no narrative required (because of the options selected in the y/n portion of the shop), the report is automatically sent to 'Approved' status once you submit it and the CPI. Take the same shop, hit one of the y/n options where an explanation is needed and the shop goes through the normal QC cycle because somebody needs to read the text you wrote.
Ok, I did not know that. When did this go down?

I have had other MF reports with commentary that were approved within 10-15 minutes of submission. That is still fast in my book. Last night and today, they were approved before the purchase receipt and CPI were even submitted.

I thought maybe their editors were trying to prove something since they have given shoppers quicker turnaround times now.
You had no answers that required a sentence or so of explanation? Then what is there for the editor to read? The system should automatically tally and send the report because already built into the report are exclusions for that answer if this or that is marked (thus sending you back to make your answers 'correct' before you can move on). We have been noticing this for probably 3-4 months.

I wouldn't know where the purchase receipt and CPI fall in the overall 'Approved' scale since all the shops I do ask for detail from the receipt so obviously I have one. My sequence in doing shops is report, upload receipt, do the CPI and check to make sure that the CPI and receipt 'took' and that is when I note the shop is approved.
I guess I do not do enough work for MF since I have never noticed before. I only take the shops when they offer me bonus money that is 3-to-5 times the original shop fee.

BTW, I had one quick commentary section regarding a slightly incorrect address.
Interesting that there would have been a commentary and it go straight through. What we have noted (and I have been comparing notes with a shopper who does the same shops) is that a bunch of negatives or a narrative seems to throw to QC, but perhaps the incorrect address part is not in a section they edit for. Who knows?
I had a shop rejected two months for staying less than 15 minutes after being served. Since then most of my shops, regardless of client, are sitting longer in QC than before.

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Their software, with its validations, is pretty impressive. Our answers are crunched, and disseminated. I keep an eye on the status of my assignments and receipts. Some are instantly "Approved", some stay "In QC". It is interesting.
I've had reports that were approved almost immediately but the receipt status says "submitted" but not "verified" .....
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