More Market Force tomfoolery

From their newsfeed:

True or False: We invalidate your reports so that we can send them to the Client for payment but not have to pay you.

Answer: ABSOLUTELY FALSE. We hear this from time to time and can only shake our heads because we could not have been in business for over 40 years if we did that to our Shoppers. We are all a team and we are all in this together, each with their very important part to play. The only reason we invalidate a shop is because the Shopper neglected to follow all the guidelines to the letter.

I really want to be a fly on their wall.

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HH RR, bb

That FLY may be saying----->"Oh damn, I wished that Shopper had perform the shop according to the guidelines. Now I have to bonus the shop and get it reshop ASAPgrinning smiley
@Sybil2 wrote:

I hate to burst your bubble but they read this forum.

I intend nothing but love and good humor.
This is a professional company and they would not and do not (deny your shop) and then pocket the money. smiling smiley
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