New to Market Force ~ Why Did My Report Go to QC?

I have only done a few jobs for them. The last one I did was marked "IN QC." It was released as "Approved" after two days. The only strange thing I noticed was a question where they asked if the SP recommended anything in addition to my purchase. I answered "NO" and the next question was "Did you purchase EVERYTHING the SP recommended to you." Well she did recommend the item I was purchasing so I answered "YES." Is this a trick question?

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ALL shops go to QC. It means they are in editing. Sometimes they are there for 5 minutes, sometimes for a couple of days. It appears to depend on which client you have shopped. Some client reports are reviewed fast and some slow. Immediately after submitting, reports say "In QC" and after the editor approves they change to "Approved."
Yes, I just had a shop from Sunday come out of QC this evening. I noted it as I entered two more shops and one was immediately approved while the other went to QC. I watch them more for giggles than for being concerned. It would appear that if you need to complete a narrative box of any sort it goes to QC whereas if everything just ticks off AOK it gets immediately approved.
Not all shops go to QC in my area. Their software sends some shops to Approved status immediately, based on answers. Those going to QC that linger for more than a few days are kind of nerve-wracking. I know there were sticking points with those, and I know I did my best to address them, yet I mentally plot and plan my defense, just in case.
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