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[] C+ According to BBB..not a good sign.

Just reading through what people are saying about them on this forum and elsewhere...they've been around a bit but seem quite iffy. I'd exercise caution.

Then I see this:

Sign up for "FREE" or pay $9.99 and Receive Rated Member Benefits, either way you will be available for our shopping assignments.

but you have to pay $9.99 to have some kind of priority. This is a huge red flag. I wouldn't sign up for them. Since they didn't respond to one of the complaints on the BBB site but responded to one before and well as had some check bouncing issues (apparently) via reading way.

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I like them. They only have a couple of shops in my area, but I'm always happy to hear from them. They are a little old fashioned in that they like to arrange shops with a phone call (but you do fill out the form online a la 21st century), and they pay by check right on time.

(If they send you a large cashiers check to cash as part of your shop.... that's not them).

ETA: I didn't pay $9.99 for priority status.

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I have done a few shops for them and my experiences have been positive. I did not have to pay to sign up or shop with them.
They will work with you without paying the $10 fee. Call them up and verbally let them know your a seasoned shopper and they will start making verbal offers and try to lock you down for something on the first call. They do not have a job board and like to talk on the phone. Pay is reasonable. I have had the editor email me back with questions that were not asked in the guidelines, but they did pay on time and I would work for them again if an interesting or well paying assignment came up.

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Proceed with caution. This is the only MS company I have requested remove me from their database because I considered them unethical. My report was accepted without questions and the shopper fee paid. However, they refused to reimburse the required expenses as stated in their guidelines. Wish I would have filed a BBB complaint at the time.
They do seem to have some disconnect between fees and reimbursements. On I did for them they agreed by email to pay the tolls to get there. I submitted the toll receipts with the shop, got paid the fee for the shop and had to chase for the tolls.
I have performed many shops for them, never had a problem.

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I never paid them. I have never had any problems with the shops which I completed for them. They lost the sporting goods store client a few years ago, and since then I have done little work for them.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
I never paid to be rated, and it never cost me any shop. I have not had a problem with payment from them. I have called them once or twice, when I had questions. They answered the phone and assisted. They don't have the typical job board, but call or email shoppers with availabilities.

@kellyot wrote:

Has anyone done any shops for this company?
They were the first company I shopped for. My experience with them has been excellent. Shops have been booked over the phone and payment has always been on time. I never signed up for their preferred shopper @ $9.99, but it did not seem to make a difference. Easy shops and I wish they had more in my location.
After reading the responses here, I'm beginning to think that the $10 fee is a test to see if your a seasoned shopper or not. If you were to pay them the $10, they should then assume you are a clueless shopper.

I have seen other MSC's entrance tests with a bunch of "X-O" logic tests that are worthless. I studied digital electronics and passed with a GPA of 3.98, yet the silly X-O test prevented me from joining one of shopping companies here. If this is how they rate worthiness of a shoppers ability to blend in and think on their feet, then they deserve all X's and on O's in my book.

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I also never paid the fee. They called me quickly after I registered for a shop and then also called again soon after that for a second. I was just paid for both shops, though they did forget the expense part. I called and they recognized the error. I expect to get that reimbursement shortly. This is one of the MSCs where they are easily reached by phone, even on Saturday mornings. There's no automated recording; you get a live person and they are always helpful.
@myst4au wrote:

I never paid them. I have never had any problems with the shops which I completed for them. They lost the sporting goods store client a few years ago, and since then I have done little work for them.

They still do sporting goods in my area. I've never worked with them though, mostly because I greatly prefer email to phone calls.

"The future ain't what it used to be." --Yogi Berra
I also never paid the fee and shopped for them for several years. I found them to be nice folks and enjoyed shopping for them, although I was irritated by the long e-mails listing available shops and the back and forth e-mails required to apply for and be assigned shops. They have lost most of the clients I shopped for them to other MSCs. I now shop those same clients for the same fee and much shorter, easier reports, not to mention that it is easier to locate and apply for the shops on the various MSC job boards (I simply self schedule with one of the MSCs).

So, I would say not to pay. They will still send you job opportunities. No reason to not work for them, although they have little here in my area anymore.
I signed up without paying the fee, in July after "meeting" an independent scheduler on FB. I've done three shops, two have paid so far. I've never had to call them; I get shops thru the scheduler. Pays pretty well, but one shop was one of the worst retailers I ever had to visit.
I have done many shops for them and found them great to work with. I never paid the fee. I'm not sure if I would see more jobs or not.
I like them and never paid the fee.... Just wish they had more locations near me, but it makes vacations fun to add a few of their shops!
I did at least two shops for them per month at the natural grocery chain for a couple of years. They are no longer working with that client and I was very sad. Looked and looked and can't find new MS company if there is one. I never paid a fee, or had a problem with pay or schedulers. Not much in my area now. I loved there schedulers. (Esp Kathy.)
They're legit. I've done three jobs for them and they pay. I haven't paid the fee, and I don't get assigned with them as often as I do other places... but I've only done three jobs for them.
After all the responses they don't sound as bad as I initially thought. The complaints they responded to on the BBB site read like the shopper was clearly at fault. The other one which marked them down they didn't reply. They can make mistakes as well.
This discussion has really helped me. I'm new at this and trying really hard to not be scammed. So thanks alot for all your input.
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