MarketForce - Direct Deposit Payments for US Shoppers

I actually received my full payment yesterday, September 11th. Is anyone missing their MF payment?

"Message Posted on Shopper Portal 09/11/2015
Direct Deposit Payments for US Shoppers

On Thursday, September 10th, we sent the payment files to our bank and received confirmation back they were received. This morning we were informed our bank had a problem with distributing those fund to US Shoppers. We have been working with our bank all day to resolve this matter.

We have just received word that payments will not post to your account until Monday 9/14/15. We humbly apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter."

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I can see mine in 'pending' status with my bank and tomorrow or Monday it should be accessible cash. It is showing a 'received' date of 9/14. As usual it is accurate to the penny and I frankly would not have expected it on the 10th (when it usually arrives) because of the holiday last week.
Good point, Flash. I already forgot about Labor Day. Thinking ahead to Halloween. Takes quite a bit of planning for the perfect costume.
I thought their official pay policy was on the 20th anyway? Doesn't that still make it early?

@Flash your bank doesn't give you access to funds when it's pending? That's crazy.

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@bgriffin wrote:

@Flash your bank doesn't give you access to funds when it's pending? That's crazy.

I've never tested them on it. They have moved into the current century by putting only a one business day hold on checks deposited and they treat wired in funds the same way.

It has been a long time since I looked, but I think MF actually mentions the 15th but habitually I see my pay from then on the 10th unless it is a weekend.
I don't have mine yet... it showed pending on MF's site as of 9/10, so I was expecting it to hit my bank account on 9/11, but now that I see the message on MF's home page, it looks like it won't hit until Monday. no harm, no foul for me... I'm sure it will show up in a few days. But I'm sorry for anyone who was counting on the money before the weekend.

My bank is a small credit union and is pretty slow, so I'm used to not being the first person to get my $$... I can wait a few more days without any issues. MF always pays, so I'm not worried about it, but I appreciate the explanation on the home page.

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Got mine! It showed up this morning. I don't care what anyone says about MF, the shops are easy and they pay on time!
Mine shows it's in there of today 9/12 but it also shows 9/14 so be careful spending that money until Monday, just to be on the safe side! smiling smiley
@MysVal wrote:

Got mine! It showed up this morning. I don't care what anyone says about MF, the shops are easy and they pay on time!
Look at your bank statement. Does it show 9/14 next to the money? Although it shows the money is in there, be careful until Monday spending itsmiling smiley
Mine is dated in my bank on 09/11. I TT to a MF scheduler earlier today and she says that it appears that the big banks have processed but there seems to be an issue with the smaller banks and credit unions. My MS, audit and merchandising money is in a separate bank account than what I pay my bills from so I don't run into payment issues.
I didn't get mine but since I just recently signed up for direct deposit I'll be happy when it posts as the check use to take forever to come. Grateful for the service they offer. I'll just add it to the gravy pile when it comes. Saving up for a trip to do mystery shops in a new part of the world.
I have not received mine yet but I know it will be there on Monday. My bank is regional so that's probably why. Also my breakdown of pay and reimbursements did not show in my payment section of the website until the 11th. Bottom line is they pay and to the penny so I'm not worried. Like Caligirl, I appreciate that they posted an explanation.

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Mine didn't post at the bank. It shows payment online at Marketforce for 9/11. I expect it there Monday, but I was expecting the money in the account since it was posted online, and I had use a credit card for the weekend shops.
Mine said 9/12. Haven't touched it though... all my MS money going towards a birthday vacation.
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