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I completed a shop for the msc on 9/9. I was asked for edits on 9/11 which were completed. On 9/16 i was asked for more edits from a different editor. Now today i get a two more requests for more clarifications. I finally emailed the editor and basically said the question that you are asking are not valid and the documents provided did not include the requirements
After several emails of requesting a reshop, me getting frustrated i said no i was clear take it or leave it. She continued and i said i will be deactivating my account and canceling any further shops. I emailed the scheduled and also ccd any one i had delt with regarding this shop on the email. Is this typical? I just began to expand my msp shopping companies

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Not at all typical of Service Check or other companies. I would suggest that your interaction came off angry and once you threaten to deactivate they may just have done that for you. We all get annoyed when asked for edits, but it is something we just have to deal with and move on. Coming back to ask for more edits and clarification generally is because we did not answer their question(s) in a manner they understood. That would explain why editor #1 bounced your shop along to editor #2. If they were asking for a reshop they were offering you a chance to salvage a shop which was evidently erroneous.

There are companies with whom we do not see eye-to-eye and it is best to make a gracious exit from the immediate situation but not to deactivate. You don't need to take on additional work and down the road if they get a shop you are especially interested in you would have a chance to give it another try. More experience as a shopper may make that later encounter one that works for everybody.
Just for clarification i deactivated myself. I have completerd around 200+ shops, but recently decided to sign up for a few more. To me it is part time and for fun. I did not threaten to deactivate till the last email. The questions were more clarifications to different questions. It seemed like they do not read the report all the way and then continued to come back and ask questions. Thanks flash. At this point ill just deactivate and take a break from this company. The frustration isnt worth the 10.00 plus 5.00 reimbursement.
I recently had a less than desirable experience with Service Check. I had previously completed 2 shops for the same fast food establishment of theirs & received a rating of either 9 or 10 on them. On my third shop, for the same establishment, I received 3 follow-up requests for additional information, which I barely even understood the requests. I politely provided, what I thought, was the thorough & complete information. After the third "and final request", and my response to it, I was given a rating of 5. As soon as I receive my reimbursement, I will be deactivating from them. There are much better opportunities to spend my time on than that one.
Sorry I don't mean to be harsh, but your post is so poorly written, I can understand why the editors were coming back. Perhaps you don't think your posts on this site are worth taking the time to structure your sentences, capitalize where needed, and spell check. But personally I believe your posts represent you and how you would work. So if I were a scheduler and read your post you would not get assignments from me! Especially since your misspelled words would have been underlined in red for you to see before you finalized your post.

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Just because the OP had typos or spelling errors here doesn't mean that is the type of work they submit. Sometimes I'm too lazy to capitalize letters in an informal setting. Who cares.

I haven't had any issues with Service Check. They never have asked for follow up from me. I haven't shopped with them in a few months though.
I did three shops for Service Check last year, and couldn't find the location of one. I let my scheduler know as soon as I got home, and she was great in helping me determine where it was and allowing me to re-schedule. I think I had one question from the editor in total. I'd do more shops for them, but there aren't many in my area that pay well enough to make it worth it. The ones I did had bonuses, but still didn't pay very much. I did them to get my foot in the door, but am waiting for higher-paying ones to open up. Wouldn't hesitate to shop for them again, though!

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.

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I haven't done that many, but I have not had any issues with them. The main gal I've spoken to has been very nice. No problem with my reports. I probably would have called them to chat about the situation. They are easily accessible by phone.
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