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Has anyone done this? All you have to do is upload your receipt for this particular grocery store and it's $5 per receipt. Is that all? I just uploaded my receipt and clicked a few boxes on demographics info. Is there a catch?
I just happened to go through my list of MSCs today ( that normally don't have jobs in my area to update my spreadsheet) and Mintel happened to be one of them and then these grocery stores popped up and all I had to do was upload a receipt and it can be up to 2 weeks old!!

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There is no catch. They stated you need to be a regular shopper at this particular grocery store and do not want someone to buy one banana to generate a receipt, or do five small transactions in one day to generate five receipts.

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It's a new program and I have submitted receipts. It is a quick and easy procedure. Based on past performance with Mintel I don't anticipate problems.

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Simple and easy, and Mintel has always been great with payments.

Today (9/23) they added some more tasks, suggest folks check those out.
It's awesome b/c it happens to be my fav place to grocery shop anyhow, I do almost 60-70% of our food shopping here anyhow!

@cubbiecat wrote:

There is no catch. They stated you need to be a regular shopper at this particular grocery store and do not want someone to buy one banana to generate a receipt, or do five small transactions in one day to generate five receipts.
I love this grocery store, but they only have one (opened last year) in my city, and it's 15 miles away, so I only get there once a month, and not considered a regular shopper. I noticed tonight the "receipt shop" is not on the recruitment board any longer.

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Yep I went back in today all gone. I did one yesterday thought I would take a couple more for the next few days. I have 3 within 10 miles of where I live, 2 of them are 9 miles away, one 8 miles away. My town was trying to lobby for one when the big Albertsons closed but no luck.
I'm stocked up on Chai tea bags and they have the best dark chocolate mini peanut butter cups. They are not super sweet like the national brand. They have the best snack food isle and fresh produce.
Those dark chocolate peanut butter cups are highly addictive! That's why they always have them at the cash registers (at least at my [store's initials deleted]).

I liked this project, and I like the mail project. Wish my Spanish was better!

It definitely pays to check Mintel regularly.

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@nutmegstategirl wrote:

Those dark chocolate peanut butter cups are highly addictive!

Now I know what I'm buying tomorrow! smiling smiley
Their organic chicken drumsticks is the cheapest of any of the stores around my area. They also have very yummy Swiss Dark chocolate I like the orange bar with the 30% whole hazelnuts!!!
I was too cautious and only signed up for one. [The dark chocolate peanut butter cups are near the registers in my store also. Very good marketing!]

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I like Mintel and the different types of things they do. I do wish they had a system where they gave you an idea of when to know whether or not you're going to be part of a program. They leave us dangling a bit and I just wish they had something in place to avoid that.
I just did one for Mintel where I had to buy all the instant mashed potatoes of a certain brand that had the security sticker not adhering properly. I am now the proud owner of 21 boxes of the stuff. I'm gonna donate to our food pantry. $12 fee and report was super-easy!!!
Wow. I've now done 23 of these and the most I found at any store was 8 boxes. Nevertheless I have about 70 boxes bagged up in the original bags from the stores, duly labeled as to what came from where.
The most I found were 9 boxes. I got 12 more stores today.

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I want more of these! I was doing a craft show when the email came through Saturday and I grabbed a bunch locally but my brain was not thinking my head I was thinking they had to be done on Tuesday not by Tuesday so I passed on a nearby town. GRRRR. Hope some more come up. My average has been about 9 boxes a store. The most has been 12.

I just did one in which there were NO damaged product. I should still get the $12 fee, right?
Yes. Just fill out the report and list 0s in the damaged product areas and $0 on the product part of the invoice.
Yes. I had 3 with no products. They don't pay duplicate stores with address variance.

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In my area the address variances were a store with a separate entrance for their liquor store. I filed them as valid shops with no product. We'll see what happens.
I got a message from Mintel they will cancel those shop. They are a fantastic msc and I would not take advantage of this type of situation.

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Yep, for my area they have two assignments for the same grocery store. One was shown as a jewelry store that is actually inside the grocery store. I notified Mintel and I'm expecting them to cancel it. I wish there were more of these shops in my area,
I did a total of nine of the mashed potato shops between yesterday and today. I ended up with 32 boxes of the product. LOL. The Thanksgiving and Christmas food drives will benefit !!
Interested to know, about how much per package are those potatoes? I saw a good-sized group of shops but got concerned about the necessary outlay and length of time to get reimbursed.

I saw on the guidelines to wait a week to see if they need the product for further review. Has anyone had to send any packages to them or take photos of the damaged boxes?

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The boxes were between $2.50 to $3 each in my state. I have now over 60 boxes and I have a few more stores tomorrow. The deadline is noon tomorrow, not midnight. I find it is actually faster to do the report on my phone after leaving the store.

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