I know it's been said before but Intellishop..... really?

I don't know why I even read their email this time as I usually hit delete first. However, I didn't realize it came from Intellishop right away so I read it. The shop entails visits to TWO tire companies. You have to compare and contrast quotes and you're told what vehicle you own if you don't already have a vehicle needing new tires. So basically you are doing TWO mystery shops. I click on the link out of curiousity to see what they're paying for what essentially is two mystery shops and it's $10! So basically $5.00 each! Heck I won't even do a phone shop for that!! How on earth does this company stay in business with what they pay shoppers? One thing seems likely, they're not getting the real experienced shoppers.

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You are not entirely correct. I don't do that particular shop you're commenting on and they have some other things I don't do either, but I haven't stopped working with them and wouldn't want to. They don't tell me what to accept and I don't tell them what to offer. A good deal both ways. They are definitely on my white hat good guy list.

I don't recommend all their shops, but I do recommend new shoppers give them a try and see if there's anything there for them. It pays for me to work all the angles and pick up whatever works in my program regardless of who offers it as long as they pay their bills, and they do.

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That's why I didn't say it was for sure but seemed likely. I'm sure there are some experienced shoppers still working for them but probably a lot are staying clear.
I definitely pick and choose with them. The occasional video shop and car service shops at my own dealer are what keeps me hanging around. Otherwise it has been a long time since a bonus was sufficient to get me to take anything.

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Intellishop has super fun shops that they never let me do (pro football games at the local stadium, etc.). Maybe if I do enough $10 tire shops, I'll get into their good graces..... winking smiley

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Hmmm I like intelli-shop. One of my more consistent pays come from them. I guess it depends on the area. There were some $60 shops here last month that I scored a bunch of just to hand out gift cards for an hour.
I like them too. I don't, however, like car shops so a big part of what they have here isn't attractive to me. I mostly just take the pizza shops when they get bonused. I don't like the pizza either. :p
This shop sat on the board in my area until it got to $30 and I took it. It's actually a really easy shop and if the tire stores are close (like they are in my area) you can be done in a half hour. Like you though, I was not willing to take it at $10.
I do maybe 5 shops for Intellishop a year. The pay is rarely worth it, at least in my area, because bonuses around here are rare.
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