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Instead of just choosing a date today, I was instructed to set a price which I would do the shop for and they would get back to me and let me know if I got it or not. What is this about? Am I in trouble? lol.

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No, not in trouble. I haven't seen them use that approach, so it may be something they are trying to see of they can get shops performed for less than normal bonuses. Don't worry, they probably asked other shoppers in your area to offer bids as well. Do you really WANT to be the lowest bidder?
Interesting. You mean on their website? I don't think you are in trouble. If you were, they would just deactivate you. Maybe they are trying to edge out the phone calls from schedulers. When I get a phone call, I have found that they usually can't go over $2 from their starting number. When I tell them what I need to do it, they say they can't go that high. I tell them that is ok and to call me in a few days if they can't get it filled. Then they call me back a few days later and give me what I want or, sometimes, better. I wonder if the site will keep your offer on record. I know they do this with phone calls, so they know when to call me the next time.


Could I have a receipt please?
The main scheduler that I work with is able to approve pretty large bonuses without further approval. But then again I am negotiating routes, not just one shop.
Actually all bonuses have to be approved, your scheduler is just offering bonuses that they know will be approved.

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If you want the shop, just enter a negative number there. You will certainly be given the shop or crash the website. winking smiley
I have not named my price on the website. Just don't want to join the fray. I have been successful when I get a phone call, asking me what will it take. I have watched the job board, and know if the shop has been rejected, or is a hard to fill location. Then, I'm prepared to name my price, and get an answer. No waiting around.
I'd take it as a compliment. I get called often and that e-mail offering a bonus if you respond in 24 hours...but never "make me an offer."
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