Sinclair Customer Metrics ""automatic inactivation"

Got the below from a Sinclair scheduler today. Kinda hard to do one a month when they only have 3 clients in my area (not a metro area), and I impose about a 3 month rotation so I am not recognized. Plus, this assumes that no other shoppers grab any of the shops in my area..

NOTE: All inactive account will begin to close on November 6,2015 (does not apply to Shoppers who registered this year or those currently scheduling) if you want to remain an active Shopper in SCM database you must reply back and you will be required to immediately train for any available client shops in your area. I will provide you with instructions and your account info. To keep your account on an active status you should schedule and successfully complete at least one shop per month for any client.

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They have three clients in my area, one of them is not something I do. Of the other two, one is currently relocating their only store that's within reasonable driving distance.

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I haven't seen that one. I have very few available shops in my area and one group I have overdone so extensively over the years I need to let them 'rest' for a while to give employees a chance to get promote, demoted, retired, fired or otherwise gone. I do keep my qualifications up to date at least for the ones I still feel comfortable doing.
I probably do one a month for them - maybe once every couple of months but I haven't gotten that. That said, I have gotten this sort of note before from others where they have maybe one shop in a 60 mile radius that I might work in once or twice a year. Seems counterproductive to me for them to be deactivating shoppers.

I got the same email from them. I replied and told them that I had only ever seen one in my area and the fee was too low for me to perform it. They responded that they will keep me active in case anything comes up in the future.
Here's the response I received--very happy with the quick turnaround on this

I apologize you should have not received this mass email, I must have overlooked marking your account active. Your account is not affected by this policy. This email was for those who joined back in the early 90"s through last year. We do have limited shops in the area and take that into consideration when the person replies. Those who have never responded or taken SCM briefing and qualification are those we will deactivate.

It is IC's like yourself that we want to keep active in our database and our sales team is always looking for new opportunities to offer. We also never expect the IC to travel outside a radius if it would not be profitable for them.

Thank you for your feedback it is always appreciated.
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