Strategic Reflections Payments for September Shops

I was just curious if anyone had received their September payment from Strategic Reflections yet. I did my first shop with them in September and I try to not do multiple shops for a company until I've been paid the first time. Their website lists the 27th-30th of the following month for processing payments, so I was expecting mine this week. I have not received payment and haven't received any notice (email) that it has been sent.

I'm not complaining and not bashing them, just curious as to what to expect.


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Good policy, IMO. I got my check for August shops on October 19th, and haven't gotten a September check yet.

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It is not quite late enough for them. They are consistantly 9 days late, like clockwork. They say they process checks the 30th, but it is always 9 days later that the checks were mailed email comes out. 9 days after their stated terms.

If you can't tell yes that pisses me off. If you are going to pay 9 days late always, just say it. I care much less that the payment is mailed on the 9th than I do that they tell me the 30th and then mail it 9 days late always.

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In my experience they are always late like bgriffin said...and I don't do many shops for them because it does annoy me that they act like it's no big deal. Well, in my mind it is a big deal. If I am supposed to get my shop information to you by a deadline then you should also honor that deadline when you say you are going to pay. If you aren't going to pay like you say then just say that! It would help if they posted updates but I have never seen one form them. when I have called them about a shop payment status , I usually get a lackadaidsal response.

Sooo, I just don't do many shops for them. I''ll do one here and there if I think it seems easy enough and it doesn't require a lot of time and money.

I too find it annoying. We are not allowed to submit reports late, so why should they be allowed to pay us late?
I received an e-mail today stating that they were mailing out payments today, the 10th.

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Anyone receive their Sept payment yet? If it was really mailed on the 10th, I should have received it by now but not in today's mail.
I still haven't seen anything either. I'm glad I haven't taken on more shops with them yet.

I'm not saying that I won't, but I prefer to know what I'm getting into before letting an MSC rack up a lot of debt with me. As of now, only this MSC and Service Sleuth still owe me from September, and I was prepared for the wait with Service Sleuth.
Received my check today. The envelope was postmarked Nov 11th (Veterans Day Holiday?) although the email said the checks would be mailed on the 10th.
I received my check in the mail on 11/16. I've noticed that usually with them the check date is almost a week before the date I receive it. I've always assumed it has something to do with their processing time.

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They pay like clockwork. I don't care when they pay as long as it can be counted on and I won't have to chase it down. They meet both criteria so I do all the work for them that I can.

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I did two shops for them on October 22nd. I suppose I should be paid sometime this month. Correct?
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