MarketForce - Report shop error with website?

Am I the only one getting this error as soon as I attempt to report a shop?


An error occurred while saving your report information.

We are working hard to alleviate these errors and have logged the occurrence. We appreciate your patience and thank you for being a MarketForce Shopper!

Please re-open your report from the Report Current Shops page and try your operation again.

If you continue to get this error please contact HelpDesk

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I have not seen that error message yet but their site was so hinky last night it took me over 3 hours to input 3 reports that should have been done in 45 minutes. When I go to do MF reports now I just hope that their website moves a little faster than a snail. but I do not know how much longer I can deal with this frustration. When I open their site to do my reports - especially if there are piks to upload - I just get that dreaded feeling in my stomach about how long this simple report is going to take.
I emailed the help desk and requested a read confirmation. The email was read within 5 minutes. I then took a 2 hour nap and it was still not allowing me to report. Now, I called the help desk and left a voice mail with the job number and the error.

I never received a reply or a phone call back, but after leaving the voice mail, I tried to enter the results again and it worked fine.

This leads me to believe that a voice mail is more likely to achieve results than an email with the help desk. Then again, it may have just been a coincidence and lack of communication from them means I can't tell what prompted them to correct the issue.

I have another shop for them today. I certainly hope this is not a repeat of yesterday. I can't keep taking two hour naps waiting around to enter one report.
I did 2 shops for them 10:30 PM, I finally got the first shop report done....on page 3 of the 2nd report, got the "error" message.

Copied & pasted it; sent it directly to Helpdesk, along with a note that I was giving up for the night...5 hours of drive time is fine, but not when it takes an additional 5 hours for two simple reports!

I was able to submit the 2nd report today.

Frankly, I can't meet the reporting deadline if the darned website isn't working!
Exactly! How can we possibly get the reports in their new time frame when they cannot get their website to move quicker than a snail?? Tonight I cannot upload the receipt - just times out and will not take it. I am done for tonight. Too frustrating. I am going to be up all night tomorrow uploading stupid audit pictures. Makes me want to cry.
I had this problem yesterday morning, and emailed the help desk to let them know. I also let them know that if I wasn't able to input the data during the hour I had available that afternoon, my report wouldn't be done within the 12-hour window. I got an email back within a few hours, saying that the problem should be resolved but I would not be marked as late if the report was finished late due to the website problem.

No problem with today's report, unless you count the usual slowness as a problem.

We are all here on earth to help others....What on earth the others are here for I don't know.

--W. H. Auden
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