MSCs that pay mileage

What MSCs pay mileage? The only one I know of for sure is HC, but they only pay .36/mile, which is less than what the IRS allows. Since I am spending so much time in my car and am considering buying a hybrid because f the gas/mileage situation, I'm wondering who else reimburses for mileage. Thanks!!
(I've searched the forum but I didn't find much so I'm hoping that this hasn't been asked before.)

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Trendsource pays "distance pay" -- but I've never gotten anywhere close to 36 cents a mile. It's pulling hen's teeth to get 15 or 20 cents a mile out of them. Their usual offer of "distance pay" is $3 for 120 mile round trip,
@Jessashopper - I am curious as to why, as an "Independent Contractor", you aren't tracking your mileage and deducting it on your taxes? I have found that after I deduct my shopper expenses (non-reimbursed purchases, phone, etc.) and my mileage at the IRS rate from my income I actually show a loss or at the least a reduced income for income tax purposes. All of the MSC's that I work with will offer a bonus for travelling as opposed to distance pay. Just curious.
the IRS amount is the DEDUCTION from your income...not your actual profit...your actual profit would be less than 36 cents...right now gas is about 10 cents mile.

I don't remember mile reimbursement off hand, it is more common to have a set bonus. Marketforce will pay for tolls. To get to Kmart, I have to pay 2.50 in tolls or take the long route which is twice the time--so when I want to go to Kmart, I log onto MF and find a shop in the area to pay for my tolls!

I have about $40 in shopyourway points to use at Kmart right now and I want to spend them!
@DNinCA, I do track mileage as an IC, but I find getting paid for mileage actually makes most of these shops worth it. I mostly shop South Florida, and traffic here is miserable. Combined with tolls and parking (because seldom is there EVER free parking!) most shops that don't pay mileage simply aren't worth it. I've started asking for parking and tolls to be paid if a scheduler is really desperate, and they usually will, but with some companies, it's near impossible. I love Harland Clark, even though their narratives sometimes cause me to lose sleep, and they pay quickly! Honestly, .36/mile isn't that bad, but the current gas mileage I get in my car isn't the best, so I am considering other options.
Trendsource seems willing negotiate the distance pay to be pretty decent, but only if they are desperate, and those shops don't pay that much in the first place.
Bestmark has "Travel pay". Superior product pickup service gives mileage pay for up to 10 miles per store. Other companies (Maritz comes to mind) do not offer specifically mileage pay but you can use it for negotiations to get more bonus money on ones they need done right away.

Shopping across Indiana but mostly around Indianapolis.
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