2 1/2 hours for a Market Force report!

They are known to be slow. Tonight was the worse I've encountered with them.
It might have been a Fast Food shop, but it is a Slower Than Cold Molasses reporting system.

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I have not been picking up too many shops with them. While reporting one of their shops, I can report two shops for other companies. If they put more than one question on a screen like it used to be, it would go a whole lot faster. I've complained to the Help Desk - no one cares.
I keep hearing of issues and I have never had a problem with them, even in hotels with internet so slow I turned on my mobile hotspot to upload photos for gas audits.

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I had a "SLOW" problem with them once before. The next day they commented about it on their main page. Since then, it's been o.k.
It has been hit and miss for me while reporting. Last week it was so slow that I was pulling my hair out but this week the site has been moving quicker. I don't know if there are a lot of shoppers on the site at the same time trying to get their shops in before the 8 hours deadline. When I am reporting around 8 or 9 at night the site is really bogged down.
8 or 9 would have been about the time I was reporting last night because we came home, I made coffee and we had coffee and cake while watching Jeopardy. Jeopardy ends at 8. I answered a couple of emails while scanning my receipt so it probably was 8:20-8:30 when I started doing the report. I was back to answering family emails well before 9 PM. Certainly page turns were not instantaneous, but they probably weren't more than 5-10 seconds at worst.
It takes 45 minutes for the ****** shop to be reported with super-high speed internet, the one with 2-part shop where you must stay inside for 15 minutes. The reporting is longer than the entire shop. smiling smiley
I dunno. I am using Firefox 42.0 on a high speed internet with a booster so I can get a signal out to my backporch 'office', on an older laptop that is still on Win 7 because I haven't fully reconfigured my new Win 10 laptop. But I was reporting Fast Casual rather than the 2-part wonder.
@bgriffin wrote:

I keep hearing of issues and I have never had a problem with them, even in hotels with internet so slow I turned on my mobile hotspot to upload photos for gas audits.

Me neither. Maybe it's only in certain parts of the country?

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We are paid to be observers, right? At 7:32 PM I began logging on to MF to report this evening's FC. I completed the report, did the uploads, checked that previous shops had moved on to 'Approved' and logged out at 7:55 PM. During that 23 minutes I dealt with the issue that it can't be "Fresh" if it isn't "Excellent", walked across the house to pick up the receipt that I forgot and left in the scanner, poured myself another cup of coffee, and had the warning pop up when I uploaded the receipt that it was too big a file. A quick check of the Receipts/CPI showed it had uploaded just fine. So sign off on the CPI and submit. Scan the completed shop list for any problems and logged out.
Seems to be another slow night. Last night I was able to get six gas in with no extreme delays. Tonight, I have just one FF and its at a turtle's pace.
I noticed that it is definitely slower in the evening, then it is during the day. There is a noticeable difference for m. I would imagine it is based on the traffic they have?
I did reports last night with no problem. Also, I uploaded large sized photos of my receipts and was pleased to see that they resize them for you. Not sure if this is a new feature but it saved me the time of having to resize the receipts myself before uploading them.
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