Is my Kinesis report actually submitted?

I just completed my first shop for Kinesis and submitted the report, I think. I got to the end it says everything is submitted and I can download a copy for my files (except it gives you a page with no Download buttons - annoying). Then I attach my documents and that looks fine. When I go back to the homepage, it appears that I can still enter the report and make changes if I wanted and there is no indication that it submitted. Is this typical? It is such a bare bones site with minimal help options.

I sent an email to my scheduler to confirm things but if anyone has an experience with their shops I would appreciate any info you can give. Also, do they give any indication that a report is approved and okay to pay or is it a no news is good news situation.


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Yes that sounds about right. I've only done 3 shops for them, however, they do approve very fast. Unlike some companies where after 2 weeks you don't know if they have any questions or if there is something wrong...
Thanks I appreciate the reply. My scheduler also let me know that they showed it as submitted so I can go to sleep without stress on this one.
I've also done three shops for them since September, and I agree that they approve very fast. They also pay "on time" (i.e. per their IC).

I sometimes have the hit the refresh button on my browser after submitting a shop in order to have it show as submitted. I find this especially with Sassie, but also other platforms as well.

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Good company to work for. And they are responsive to shoppers. The "bad" editor is no longer with them, so it's rare to get something returned or questioned if you do it right the first time.

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