How much of the guidelines and questionnaire can schedulers see?

There's a specific special request that is sometimes included in a grocery store shop that I prefer to avoid. The ones where you ask in produce or seafood for the associate to cut or peel or otherwise specially fix something, and if they do you have to buy it. It eats up too much of my reimbursement, for foods I can't or won't eat.

I can't see the details of special requests until I've already accepted the shop. A scheduler called me offering me one of these shops and said she couldn't see what special requests there might be. I got the impression she was new. Can experienced schedulers tell the finer details of a shop?

Having said it's grocery stores, I'm not sure if I can say what msc it is.

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I know the company and shop you are referring to. It is very likely that they can NOT see the specifics since they change from shop to shop.

With the previous MSC you knew the rotation of the department for the special request, and that was handy. All shops from that release would be weekend or week day mid day or week day evening. It was a nice, orderly universe. These days a shop may be a weekend and the one 3 miles away a week day morning and the one 3 miles the other direction week day evening. Completely screws up the possibility of doing routes of them. Plus all three are likely to have different requests. Bleh on that!
Suggest that the scheduler assign one to herself so she can see all of the information.

With that said, I only know of one system where this is an issue, and it's only an issue if the project was set up poorly.

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Great idea! With this particular shop, if I take 3 identical looking shops they may each have a different special request. Sometimes I luck out and am doing the same special for multiple shops on the same day, but unfortunately you can't count on it and/or see what the deal is going to be until you have accepted. It is a proprietary software system so they can pretty much do whatever they want with it.
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