Advice on denied shop through Customer Prophet/ Goodwin Hospitality

I need advice! My shop was denied because I used a discount code. I conducted the shop through Customer Prophet / Goodwin Hospitality. They didn't state in their guideline that I couldn't use a discount code. The shop costed me $70 and they only reimbursed $45. I figured since there was a discount available and the guideline didn't prohibit me, why not?! Is there anyway to convince them to pay me?

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Every MSC has a strict policy about gift cards and coupon use. Unless it is spelled out in the shop instructions that you can or cannot use one or the other, I assume that it is prohibited and email the scheduler first.

This prevents what has happened to you. I do the same for shops at restaurants that will ask if this a special occasion. Of course it's a special occasion! I want that free desert winking smiley

Your lucky they did not reject the shop completely and only deducted the $25 savings. I'd take the $25 coupon loss as lesson learned and not burn any bridges by badgering the scheduler.
Most shops have several areas of information to follow. There can be qualifications before you can apply. From there general instructions plus shop specific guidelines. The guidelines may not recap everything that the instructions and qualifications may have covered. On top of this, there may also be supplemental instructions.

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Do you still have a copy of the guidelines? If so read them carefully. If you have them saved digitally, use a search feature to look for the words 'coupon' 'discount' etc.

If you have verified it was not in the guidelines, try appealing, but don't push it as that can get the MSC mad at you even if you are right.
Depends on trace-ability. I believe gift cards are O.K. unless stated otherwise. It depends on the shop. Discount Code I don't quite understand - I also don't understand them reimbursing yet denying the shop..normally it's all or nothing (unless they dock you for being late). Please state more of what happened. If it states "pay in cash only" or anything like that then probably can't use discount code. If you have to be anonymous but the code is traceable then I understand it...a lot of variables.

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The original message is somewhat confusing to me. I don't think that the OP got reimbursed at all because the shop was rejected. The original thought of the OP seems to have been that if it was going to cost $70 and they were only going to reimburse $45, then why not use a discount code to reduce the original cost? In my area, Goodwin often has reimbursement only or fixed fee shops which barely cover the cost of the purchases. Maybe the OP will come back and post a second time to clarify what went on.

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I don't think you were "denied" in the sense of the word. Just that your shop pay got reduced. Double check the guidelines.. I know some guidelines are very specific as to what you can use coupons for (if any). I know some shops they allow you.. only if they apply toward the items allowed to order in the guidelines, and nothing extra.
Yes! I must clarify! The reimbursement was only $45 so it wasn't enough to cover the actual cost of the shop which was $70. Therefore I figured it was of my best interest to use a coupon. I just don't understand why I can't use a coupon if they don't pay you enough to cover the actual cost.

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@ttn022191 wrote:

Yes! I must clarify! The reimbursement was only $45 so it wasn't enough to cover the actual cost of the shop which was $70. Therefore I figured it was of my best interest to use a coupon. I just don't understand why I can't use a coupon if they don't pay you enough to cover the actual cost.

I typically shop for this MSC only as a way to reduce my cost on something I would eat or purchase anyway. Based on the shops I see in my area, I don't see making much of a profit on any of them.

So I understand your point of view, but what really matters isn't that you want to reduce your cost on a shop you're not going to make any money on, anyway. What really matters is what all of the instructions and guidelines say. If all shop materials say absolutely nothing about not using a discount code, and you have them all saved to your computer, then I would send everything back to them and explain (again) that nowhere does it say you can't use this code. If you can prove that, then I think you should get paid for the shop. (Doesn't mean you will, though. Unfortunately.)

We shoppers aren't mind readers, but are sometimes expected to just "know" things that aren't stated or that aren't obvious. There are some things that plain-old common sense should dictate, but this particular issue doesn't seem to be one of them.

In the future, though, you might just want to avoid this MSC's shops, if what you're looking to do is make a profit at shopping. If you want to defray the cost of something you'd buy or do anyway, they're great for that!

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