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I stated picking up BMA shops through the isecretshop app. I did my first shop in November on the 3rd. I've made sure my documents are all there and I have been trying to figure out when I can expect to start getting paid. I don;t have a whole lot of money invested but altogether it's about $45 in payments. I cannot seem to get a reply via email from Emma who's is the email contact person given in the app even though I have emailed her several times. I don;t really want to call again as I have called twice and left messages but gotten no reply. Is this typical of BMA? It will make me think twice about doing shops for them if I start having to chase payment or I cannot get a timely reply/response when I call or email.

Thanks for any information !


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I've done many shops for them. It depends on the company you're doing the shop for. Many of the cell phone shops take 4 to 6 weeks. The cable company shops can take 8 weeks.
I do at least one shop for them on a weekly basis and haven't received in over a week. I think it will be two weeks tomorrow. This leads me to believe that they are either running behind or whoever is in charge of submitting the payments to payment is on vacation
I have found Emma to be very responsive in the past, so I would say that this is atypical for BMA. Mayhaps she is on vacation or simply swamped with the end-of-year wrap up. I would say that typical payout for them seems to be around 6 weeks for me. I have not yet been paid for my November 4 shops either, but it isn't so late that I'm worried yet.
Also, you did submit your w-9 and signed ICA to them, yes? I didn't realize I had forgotten it after my first shops and that had caused a little bit of a delay for me. It was quickly resolved, however, and everything has been smooth since.
Their website says they pay in 45 days. If you go past that time, you're supposed to contact them. My payment was delayed not only for the W-9 & IC Agreement, but because they wanted me to agree to another company's (customer 1st) contract on iSecret Shop.
I don't plan on doing any more shops for BMA or Mystery Shopper Services anymore. Still trying to get paid for a shop I did last year and they don't respond to emails or voicemails.
I was wondering that myself I've done several jobs for them through isecretshop some are going on two and a half months ago and I've never gotten paid yet
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