Market Force auto assign question

I recently have slowed my shopping down quite a bit. While i do enjoy the extra time at home, i really miss those delicious burgers, guys!
I just signed up for the auto assign of "fast casual" during the afternoons that work for me.

Have you had any good or bad experiences with the auto assign?

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I haven't done it out of fear they will schedule locations that they think are in my area that are actually 25 miles or more away!
At the end of certain assignments I am asked if I would like to perform the assignment again, which I generally reply with yes. The locations are always pretty much in my back yard when I see these questions. The next question is will you allow us to auto assign, which I always reply with NO. I really only take these assignments when they call and/or I see the base fee go up. I would not ever take it for a $5 fee when I know for sure I can get triple or more for patience. I have taken a last minute "fast casual, delicious burger" shop at base when I was out of town for training, it was time to eat and the location was less than a five minute walk. Aside from those types of situations, I am not inclined to take a base pay shop. I don't know if they will auto assign at the base fee or the fee of the current shop I had just completed. (?)

The other thing that kind of bugged me a little about this MS company....I would get a call and they would offer an assignment for a fee higher than posted. I would ask for a little bit more and the response would be, well you completed it for this much the last time so this is the most we can offer. I haven't heard that a lot lately but used to hear it a lot. It seems like I am doing good work and you are calling me so perhaps my time/service is now worth more since I have done the shop, am familiar with it and have more experience since the last time I completed.

I do like the MS company and have mostly good experiences. I just don't understand how/why certain things run a certain way.
I agree- don't sign up for auto assign. I am just starting out, but noticed that the shops start out low ($5) but can go up to $30 if you wait. I have done several of their fast casual shops and the reports are easy, but $5 is not worth it to me!
The biggest problem with auto-sign is that you will lose out if the location later, comes with a bonus.

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A lot of good insight, thanks.
Another reason why I am so interested in doing the shops, even for a low pay rate, is that my wife is on a gluten free diet, so a burger just sounds like heaven right now! I wouldn't usually treat myself to a fast casual burger usually, but to get one for free while getting paid 5 bucks, awesome!
My biggest concern is actually the amount of warning they give me to do it, and if they assign me some random restaurant I'm not used to.
Does anyone know if there are any other restaurants in the "fast casual" category besides that delicious burger place?
Or how much time in advance they usually assign a shop ?
I think you can get the burger without a bun, so that's gluten free! If you hold out for the bonus you have enough to treat her to the bunless burger! They used to do a popular sandwich/soup fast casual shop but I haven't seen it in awhile.
There are a few and they will be designated as such on the MS job board. There is a "color bird" burger shop.

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SENTRY, REALITY BASED GROUP, NORTHFORK, GAH, CONFERIONIC, SPIES IN DISGUISE, QAMS all have some sort of causal burger restaurants. So you just may need to sign up for some more MSCssmiling smiley
MF in my area has several FF shops. One is the kind with stalls that has lots of drink and shake options, and you have to order a burger or hotdog meal. Another is the one that you usually have to buy and eat one meal inside and then pick up another meal in the drive-through (those can be very picky shops). The third I have seen is for the numbered men burger place others are mentioning. I try to pick up one of the food shops for my meal when I am routing multiple gas shops.
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